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Mt Marami of Maragondon, Cavite

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Plenty, lots and many. These are just some of the synonyms for the Tagalog word MARAMI. It was so called Mt Marami because of the many rocks that formed this mountain. If Pico de Loro has "Parrot's Beak", Mt Marami has its own "Silyang Bato". An enormous composite of rock pillars.

Though this mountain situated at Maragondon, Cavite only stands at 405 MASL (according to Pinoymountaineer), the average trek time to reach its peak is 5-6 hours. It is because Mt Marami's trail is a circulating elavation. The trek to Mt Marami can also be accompanied to the word "ligaw" or lost. Not only it has a lot of rock towers, it also have a lot of misleading trails. It's like a labyrinth of bewildering trails. So having a guide is strongly recommended if you want to visit Mt Marami but we don't, so we went to a lot (a mean "maraming marami") traversing this mountain.

How to get there?
From Manila, take a bus at Baclaran going to Naic, Cavite (65 pesos). Travelling time is about 2 1/2-3 hours. As you reach Naic, take a jeepney going to Magallanes (30 pesos). Just tell to your jeepney driver to drop you at Brgy. Ramirez which is just 10 minutes away from the town proper. Then when you reach Brgy Ramirez look for Brgy. Councilor Punongbayan's house. This will be your registration point before you can start your trek. Prepare 20 pesos/pax for registration fee. You can also ask for a local guide here which costs 300-500 pesos/day.

We conquered the heat and the talahib (photo from Cheers Masa's FB)
(photo from Cheers Masa's FB)
There are 2 rivers that you'll pass through in this trek. The first one is "Ilog na Kayrayag" and the next one is Bangkaan river. This two river can go knee high during rainy season so the best season to visit Mt Marami is after the wet season and summer. Aside from that, trails here can easilly get muddy so it will be more difficult (of course). However, traversing Mt Marami during summer has its own downside. Prepare your skin protector gears and make sure to have a maximum SPF lotion because it can get sweltering hot at noon time. Frequent re-hydration is a must to prevent heat stroke.

Rest mode (photo from Cheers Masa's FB)
Photo inception... (photo from Cheers Masa's FB)
(photo from Cheers Masa's FB)
(photo from Cheers Masa's FB)

Well, I have noticed that my blog entry for this mountain can make my reader retreat from trekking Mt Marami. Please don't. Because above all, a dramatic view on its peak awaits which is very rewarding after the long, confusing trail and sweaty adventure (I'm being negative here again, am I?). Because aside from the colossal and breathtaking rock formations set in an enticing background, a panorama of the Maragondon mountains which include Mt Pico de Loro, Mt Mariveles, and Mt Banahaw are can be seen at the summit. This is a great spot for photo op :]

Photo Op at the tip of this rock (photo from Cheers Masa's FB)
KASAMA (KAbataang SAbik MAmundok) at Mt Marami (photo from Cheers Masa's FB)
Breakdown of budget
Bus (Manila - Naic, roundtrip) - 130 pesos
Jeepney (Naic - Magallanes, roundtrip) - 30 pesos
Local guide (optional but I recommend to have one) - 200-300 pesos
Registration fee - 20 pesos
Food - *.**

This flower looks like... ... ... nevermind (photo from Cheers Masa's FB)


  1. cool entry :) is it possible to get lost without a guide?

    1. Yes there is (big chance actually). Having a guide is strongly recommended when traversing mt marami.

    2. Yup, it's probable na maligaw. Pero di naman delikado iyong trail doon, kaya okay lang. :)

  2. Hindi yata kayo nakarating sa summit sir? Ang ganda doon. :D

    Pumunta kami dyan, 2nd week of Jan. Revenge climb ni sir ivanlakwatsero.com, hindi kami nag-hire ng guide pero si sir Ivan na iyong nag-lead since nakapunta na sya dyan.

    Hindi kami naligaw papunta, pero iyong pabalik konti na lang pabalik ng Brgy. Ramirez, nagkamali kami ng way kaya nakarating kami sa ibang barangay na malapit sa highway (hindi na kami nahirapan sumakay pauwi).

    Sample photo (me sitting in the so-called 'silyang-bato'):

    1. Pwede ding:
      MARAMIng putik
      MARAMIng hayop
      MARAMIng naliligaw
      MARAMIng dumi ng hayop
      MARAMIng tubig ang kailangan (dahil sa sobrang init)


    2. Nakarating naman po kami sa summit sir kaya lang di na nakapag picture picture at nagkatuwaan nalang po. Angas ng photo nyo sir. Sana may ganyan din akong shot :]

      Agree po ako sa lahat ng sinabi nyong MARAMI hahahahaha

    3. mga wattym po pedeng kumuha ng guide blak po kc namen night trek this weekend

  3. Pwede po bang maki join sa grohp nyo... tnx

  4. Hi. May I ask where you asked for a local guide? Please email me at nyka.frontline@yahoo.com Thanks! :)

  5. Sir can i ask where in naic bababa? anu sasabihin namin sa conductor? thanks pa email na lang po going there this sat. thanks in advance ronnespino@yahoo.com

  6. Thanks for this, very informative :)

  7. Thanks for your blog. :) I have the same question as NYKA, where did you ask for a local guide and how much did you pay for a guide since there are so many of you. Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Reina, our group didn't get a guide and like what I stated po on my post above... you can avail a local guide in the registration area. Guide fee is around 300-500 pesos, price will depend on how good you are on negotiation. Ayun po


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