Saturday, October 24, 2015

Apple Watch has finally arrived at Power Mac Center

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Apple Special Event last September made another milestone as it introduced to the world the all new series Apple Watches. The unveiling of Apple Watch made so much noise that ever since the day of event, people can't get enough to have it on their hands and experience it. Which includes us, Filipinos.

But after a month of anticipation, finally, I can now say that the long wait is over as Power Mac Center launches Apple Watch in the Philippines. Power Mac Center has become a reliable retail  shop and service provider of Apple products to the Filipino consumer. That's why it is no surprise why Apple appoints them to have the first launch of the Apple Watch here in the country. The big reveal happened yesterday (October 23) at Power Mac Center's flagship store in Greenbelt 3.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Review: Panglao Regents Park of Panglao, Bohol

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I'm the kind of traveler who is not fond of stay-cation when I'm out and travelling. I would choose to spend my money on discovering islands and islets, trying out new stuff and activities or eat on a fancy restaurant rather than staying on a class hotels with soft beds, great service and lots of amenities. The reason why is because my trips are always jam-packed with activities and I only need a hotel just to get through the night for a sleep. So why would I spend a lot if all I need is a bed? But as for a change, I broke that perception and tried to check-in at Panglao Regents Park during our Bohol trip. And I never regret even a single penny I spent because it was worth the stay.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Province of Bohol: A Country Side Tour

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The province of Bohol is considered as the tenth largest island of the Philippines and is located in the Central Visayas region. Having said that, it is no wonder that this province holds some of the majestic tourist spot of the country. As for this blog post, I will be featuring a land tour to Bohol, often called as a country-side tour which can be done in a day. Yes, that is right, we were able to accomplished all the spots below in just a matter of day. The tour actually lasted for 8-9 hours.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Bilar Man-made Forest of Bohol

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This blog post is just a short one compare with my other past entries. It might still be the shortest even if I compare it with my future work but this place really deserves a solo blog entry. First, let me take this chance to commend the person or group of people who stand and support this project and made it come true. It was really a notable and bold move to have this kind of project. Simply because Bilar Man-Made Forest was actually just a part of a bigger reforestation project which conceptualize decades ago which was initiated due to the alarming deforestation or kaingin in Bohol.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol and ATV Tour

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If you ask Filipinos what is the must see spot when visiting Bohol, there's not a chance that they will forget to say the Chocolate Hills. As It has been featured so many times in our textbooks when we are in grade school and high school and even tourism advertisements never forgets this place when promoting the Philippines. In short, this place has been an icon not only of Bohol but also the country as a whole.

How did we get there?
We met Kuya Bernie outside Tagbilaran Airport. He offers different tours in Bohol and one of the tour he has is Tagbilaran tour (I'll make another blog for it). He has a van for hire which can accommodate 5-7 persons. He also told us that he has another service which can hold up to 12 persons. What's nice about his tour is you can collaborate with him in terms of the places you want to visit. You can eliminate sites which you want to skip and replace it with another. As for our Tagbilaran City Tour, he only asks for 2,500 Pesos which includes a trip to our hotel in Panglao at the end of our tour. Note: entrance fees of each places are not included. Having said that, it is still pretty convenient and cheap than other tours I saw. You may contact Bernie at 0999-929-8445
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