Thursday, July 24, 2014

Philippine Holidays for 2015: 8 Long Weekends Ahead of Us

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Most holidays this 2014 are a bit off as it landed in the middle of working/school days instead of having a long weekend. I am referring to these holidays: EDSA Revolution Anniversary (February 25 - Tuesday), Labor Day (May 1 - Thursday), Eid’l Fitr (July 29 - Tuesday), Christmas Day (December 25 - Thursday) and Rizal Day (December 30 - Tuesday). But let's not focus on these anymore because there's nothing we do about it. Instead, let's all look forward as next year, 2015, will be a boosted with long-weekend holidays. Yes! Plan now your trips now as 2015 will be having (8) eight long weekends!!! [Insert Kim Chui voice here] Isn't is amazing and exciting?

This is NOT one of those hoax news. Malacanang already published the list for next year's holidays as President Aquino signed Proclamation No.831 declaring all regular holidays, special non-working days, and special holidays (for all schools) for the year 2015. Mark your calendars now and plan your out of town trips and countries as here are the 8 long weekends I've been bragging about:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Church of Saint Augustine of Paoay, Ilocos Norte

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The Church of Saint Augustine, commonly known as the Paoay Church, started its constructions in the year 1694 and was completed in 1710 in the province of Ilocos Norte. It is a supreme model of an Earthquake Baroque church which is designed to withstand earthquakes as Philippines’ has a reputation of an earthquake-prone country during that time.

Ever since I've been stung by the travel bug, I have been wanting to see Paoay Church. Just seeing the photos of this church in the internet and different SNS makes me wonder what more does it looks like up close and in-person. That's why when me and my friends booked a flight to this province, Paoay Church is one of the spots I've been looking forward to see. And when I was there already, it doesn't disappoint me. The beautiful structure and the mix of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental designs of this church makes me fall in love with it. This is by far the number 1 church on my list.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Island Hopping: El Nido, Palawan Tour A and B

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El Nido lies in the northern most part of Palawan and with its land area of 465.1 square kilometers (as per wikipedia) hold the most beautiful beaches, extremely beautiful lagoons, and picturesque islands & islets in the Philippines.

And as I promised on my previous blog post where I featured our combination tour on C and D, I'm now giving you the other half of our tour wherein we explored A and B. This is another combination tour prepared by Northern Hope Tours. If our tour on C and D makes my eyes pop with the beautiful sites, Tour A and B took my breath away. El Nido really has a lot, lot, lot to offer when it comes to tourist attraction.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Island Hopping: El Nido, Palawan Tour C & D

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El Nido is also considered as a top tourist destination in the Philippines. It houses the nicest beaches, islands and lagoons in the country and it is now gaining popularity on both local and foreign tourists.

Since I've already gave you an idea on how to book tours in El Nido and also suggested tours and accommodation on my previous post [Click Here], well its time for me to share on you our tour on those exquisite beaches, lagoons and islands of El Nido, Palawan. We only stayed in El Nido for three days (2 1/2 days to be exact) so instead of availing single tour each day, we decided to do a combination tour which will save time and will cover more spots of El Nido despite the time constraint. And as for this blog post, I'll be featuring the Tour C plus Tour D prepared by Northern Hope Tours. So sit back, relax and just keep that mouse ball rolling!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Island Hopping and Tours in El Nido, Palawan

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The province of El Nido in Palawan has been globally recognized for its exquisite natural ecosystem. It is also known as the "BEST" beach and island hopping destination in the Philippines. I could still remember when I had a chance to talk to a group of Europeans (I forgot where exactly in Europe they were from) when I was in El Nido. Since they'll be staying in the Phippines for 2 days, I asked one of them, among the 81 provinces in the Philippines why did they chose to visit El Nido? And she answered that it was referred to her by her Malaysian friend who's been in the Philippines and when she googled it, she was mesmerized by the place beauty right away. So she asked other of her friends to go with her and they booked a flight. By that, I couldn't say more but told her that her Malaysian friend really have a keen eyes on beautiful places.

Ok. Moving forward. If you are planning to visit El Nido's finest beaches and islands & islets, there are four Island hopping schemes or tours you can avail. The 4 tours cover all the amazing spots one can visit when in El Nido. These tours are available in different agencies around El Nido (trust me, these agencies are scattered and neighboring to one another and they're hard to miss out). Ratings of each tour is around 1,200 pesos to 1,400 pesos depending on the tour you'll get. They tagged the tours as Tour A, Tour B, Tour C and Tour D.
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