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Our Weekend Family Getaway via HomeAway

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Tagaytay is a known place for Manilenos who are seeking for a quick escape from the busy city. Aside from the cool breeze and family-oriented spots you'll experience there, Tagaytay has become a food haven over the past years. Having said that, it's no wonder why the town has a lot of hotels and condos standing and being constructed around it due to its popularity to locals and foreign tourists.

I wanted to treat my family with an out of town trip and Tagaytay would be the best option for a weekend getaway. Now, the next thing would be, where will be staying? A five-star hotel would costs me a lot and merely out of my league. I simply don't want to put all my cash on accommodation for our trip. However, I maybe on a tight budget but I would still like my family to experience a fancy abode. It's really hard to find a place that is affordable and packed with amenities... luckily, I discovered HomeAway which has given me a discount with our booking.

The Rental Space

With HomeAway, I was able to find a place that is just right on my budget without compensating the quality of the place. Click the [link] to see the actual place I booked at HomeAway.

One of the room

Our family stayed at Cityland Tagaytay Prime Residences. It is a two-bedroom condominium with a retro inspired interiors. The room can accommodate a maximum of 6 which is ideal for a big family. Both rooms are fully air-conditioned. The master's bedroom has its own bathroom and shower room. Aside from that, it also has a walking closet which is amazing!

Master's Bedroom
Way to the walking closet/2nd bath and shower room

My nephew and niece really love the place. It is still spacious even we reached the max number of its occupants (which is 6). They were able to run and play around which is just nice to watch. The adults also had a nice time cooking and sitting while watching tv and surfing the net. Yes! This place has its own network connection which is a plus for tech-savvy guests.


Some of the amenities are already mentioned above -- rooms that are fully airconditioned, has its own shower and bath rooms, a walking closet and has its own internet connection. But aside from that, it has another bathroom and shower room, LED television installed with cable, and a kitchen with basic cooking tools and appliances.

The living room
If you want to cook your meals... just go with it
The kitchen is installed with exhaust

Other than the room amenities, Cityland also has its playground and pool which is open and free of use for all its guests. There's also a convenient store which is open 24 hours just right in front of the building.


Cityland Tagaytay Prime Residences isn't hard to locate. It is a well known place in Tagaytay and plotted to mobile applications such as Waze and Google Maps.

Another factor why we booked this place is because it is located in the center of the town so guaranteed that you're accessible to almost all of the popular sites in tagaytay -- Picnic Grove, Our Lady of Manaoag Church, People's Park in the Sky, Sky Ranch and such.


Overall, me and my family had a great weekend vacation and it was indeed relaxing. The place we stayed at relieved our stress we acquired from work. I'm so glad that I got to discover HomeAway. Booking was easy and specially, safe. Surely, this is not the last time that I will booked a place through HomeAway.

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  1. Haven't heard of HomeAway but based on your experience, I'll definitely check this one out for our upcoming family out of town :)

  2. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.


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