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Cintai Coritos Garden: A Balinese inspired resort in Batangas

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Who would have thought Manilenos can now have a piece of Indonesia in more or less than two-hour drive?

Cintai Corito's Garden is a Bali inspired private property turned into resort located in the province of Balete, Batangas. The resort is made out of love as it was built by the owner's affection for his wife and family. I would say that this is the perfect place for those you wanted to have a quick escape from the bustling city and just unplug.

How did I got there?
Well, I went there on a private car and looked it up using the Waze app. But if you will be commuting, based on a friend who also went there, you may take the bus at Buendia or Cubao Terminal to take you to Lipa Grand Transport Terminal. Fare is about 140 pesos. At the Grand Terminal, take a jeepney going to Malabanan and ask the driver to drop you off at Caltex. Fare is 8 pesos (minimum fare). Then from Caltex, take another jeepney going to Balete and drop off at Cintai Corito's Garden as it is just along the highway. Fare is 20 pesos.

I was not able to contain my excitement as we reached Cintai Coritos. The resort has a huge land area and it is decorated with intricate designs and hindu-like structures. I felt relaxed as soon as we step down our car and received our welcome drinks. Speaking of warm welcome, aside from the staffs of the resort, we were also welcomed by the animals freely moving around the area. Chickens, geese and a llama are just some of the animals you can see in this resort.  We were like in some sort of farm/zoo but in a grand venue.

Look at this grand entrance!

After we confirmed everything in the reception area, we were then accompanied to our room. I already saw it in Cintai Coritos' website but I was still in complete awe when I got to see it in person. The room has these two queen sized bed yet it is still too spacious for three persons! Even its bathroom is so huge that it can fit us all . The room sticks to the theme and has a Balinese vibe to it. The  furniture and decorations they used are spot on. Only the important things are inside the room and it is so elegant with its minimalist look.

The villas
The room we availed was their Terrace Villa. We got it at 6,000 PhP which is good for two persons and an additional 1,650 PhP for the extra head. All inclusive of welcome drinks and a complimentary breakfast. Cintai Coritos only offers 18 villas so I suggest to book them first prior to your visit to secure a room. They also offer day-tour incase you may want to have a quick visit.

These are incredibly comfy beds
Even the bathroom has that balinese feel

Note: All rooms do not have wifi connection neither television. That is why I mentioned above that this is the perfect venue for people who want to disconnect and unplug from technologies and alike.

In terms of amenities, well, there's really nothing much you can do in Cintai Coritos aside from taking photos (on their many instagramable spots), go for a swim in their 4 pools, having a full body massage and watch movies in their movie house. I've read so many negative comments about Cintai Coritos because of their limited activities but I fully understand why they have very limited activities. And it is simply because their main goal is give a relaxing and peaceful vacation to their guests. This place is great for those people who just want to relax and be surrounded by nature.

Happy wife... happy life!
Just look at those intricate design
Random pathway
Shared bathroom and shower room
Pavilion for events 
The spa area
There's another pavilion on the other side of this door
One of the four pools in Cintai Coritos
Missing this spot...
Kids area/playground
It was my mother-in-law's bday when we visited Cintai Coritos
Perfect for an early morning walk!

So if your just looking for adventure, I would say that this place is not for you. If you just want to see it or experience a Balinese vibe resort then go here for a day tour. But, if you want to unwind, have a peaceful getaway and unplug then I strongly encourage you to book a room at Cintai Coritos.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Buendia Terminal - Lipa Grand Terminal = 140.00 PhP
Lipa Grand Terminal - Caltex = 8.00 PhP
Caltex - Cintai Coritos = 20.00 PhP
Terrace Villa (for 2 pax) = 6,000.00 PhP + 1,650 (additional person) = 7,650 PhP
Food - **.**

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