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Aurora, Baler: More Than Just A Surfing Site

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ManileƱos are just 6 hours away to experience the thrill and fun brought by the huge waves of Aurora, Baler.  Baler is a haven for most Filipino surfer because of its high waves and long coastlines. So no wonder why tourists are drawn to visit the place.

Aside from professional surfers, aspiring surfers are also encouraged to visit  Baler. Locals residing near the beach offers surfing lessons including surfboard rentals in reasonable price. In less than an hour, you will find yourself standing on the board and dancing through the waves.

How to get there?
I suggest securing a seat at Genesis Transport Inc (650 pesos) because they offer direct trips going to Baler. From Cubao, the first trip leaves at 3:00am with trips happening at one hour intervals while the last trip leaves at 7:30am. However in case you miss those schedule, you may take Victory Liner bus going to Cabanatuan (185 pesos). Then from Cabanatuan, you'll find vans or baby buses (170 pesos) that can take you straight to Baler. Travel time is 6-7 hours.

For more information regarding the bus schedules you may call:
(02) 709.0803 / (02) 421.1425 - Genesis Transport Inc
(02) 833-4403 / (02) 833-5019 - Victory Liner

Me and Baron playing Frisbee (photo from Rons Nebre)
As you reach Sabang beach, there are lots of Inns and hotels you can choose from. We chose Bay's Inn (formerly known as Ocean View). Package includes free breakfast and free use of wi-fi connection.

Where we stayed during this trip
Bay's Inn Room Rates (as of  2012):
Double bed room - 700 pesos
Double bed + single bed room - 950 pesos
2 single bed room (w/ ac) - 1050 pesos
Double bed room (w/ ac) - 1150 pesos
Double bed room (w/ ac and hot shower) - 1500 pesos
Double bed + single bed room (w/ ac) - 1500 pesos

Lets GO surfing! (photo from Rons Nebre)
To start up your surfing experience, look for the surfing shop (Mahdox Surf School) near the coast. Surfing rate is 350 pesos. It includes 1 hour surfing lesson, instructor fee and rental of surfboard.

Ask your instructor if you have question in mind (photo from Rons Nebre)
The surfing lesson covers the common surfing terminologies, parts of the surfing board, the correct board positioning and the do's and don'ts in surfing. Listen carefully to your local instructor. Listening to them is the key for you to be able to stand up on your board and as well as to keep you safe. Surfing may be fun however it is still consider as extreme sport.

The newbies - Aiza, Baron and me (photo from Rons Nebre)
Goofy surfer - standing on the board with right foot forward (photo from Rons Nebre)
Eteng is really enjoying this sport! (photo from Rons Nebre)
Its all about balancing  (photo from Rons Nebre)
Baler is more than just surfing. This place is full of exciting and beautiful places you can enjoy so charged up before visiting Baler.

The Giant Balete Tree
Penetrate the inner chamber of Asia's largest balete tree. You can go inside this 600 years old tree and go up with the help of children who offer tour and guide inside the Balete.

Eteng finding her way up
Just waiting for my turn
Ditumabo Falls
This tour requires trekking to reach the mother falls. Ditumabo falls is the largest falls in Aurora.

Extra caution here  (photos from Rons Nebre)
The beauty of Ditumabo Falls  (photos from Rons Nebre)
 (photos from Rons Nebre)
Museo De Baler
Have a quick tour and explore the history of Aurora. You'll enjoy this place even if you're not a fan of history because of the items they have inside.

Look at the detailed design on the museum's wall  (photo from Rons Nebre)
Me and my friends joined a travel group called Barefoot Travels for this trip. We spent 2,900 pesos which includes van transfer (MNL - Baler, roundtrip), accommodation at Bay's Inn, 2 sessions of surfing lesson, breakfast,  and tour/transfer at Museo de Baler, Balete tree of Baler, Ditumabo Falls and Caunayan Falls (didn't had the chance to get quality photos).

2 days of stay is enough to experience all these things. So enjoy and stay safe!


  1. Hi! Do you have pictures of Bay's Inn? Thanks!

    1. I didn't had the chance to shoot at Bay's Inn however you can visit their website:

  2. Replies
    1. grab lang yung karamihan dito :] thanks for dropping by Cha!

  3. nakaka-miss ang baler! favorite ko ang Ditumabo falls! :)

  4. gusto ko sanang mag surf pero kelangan ko muna mag-aral pano!nice waves for beginners.

    1. yung isang girl (named Eteng in this blog) na kasama po namin di din marunong lumangoy pero nakapagsurf po. Surf na sir! hehe

  5. surfing is definitely not the only activity that one can do in baler. nice pictures btw :)

  6. I knew surfing is not just the activity you can do in Baler. Its a hidden gem of Aurora. Sana tuloy-tuloy umusbong ang turismo nila... 'Hope to be there next week!

    1. sana nga ay magtuloy tuloy pa. di lang sa Baler kundi sa iba pang parte ng Pinas :)

  7. nice post..
    thanks sa info..
    im actually planning to visit baler..
    mas mura ba pag nagpa-book ka ng travel or magtravel ka on your own?
    need your insight..

    1. Mas budget friendly pa din ang DIY :) plus kayo po yung may hawak ng time nyo.
      Sa agency naman po, sila nang bahala sa trip nyo, ikaw chill nalang. Yan po insights ko

  8. experienced to go surfing in baler and it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!

  9. i love reading your blog hope you can go to Mt.Pulag :) and if else you are going to can you please join us my friends :)) we are looking for some mountaineers na makaksaby :) thanks ! be blessed

    1. Naku pangarap ko pa din hanggang ngayon maakyat ang Mt Pulag. Thanks for reading my blog! :)

  10. we are looking for some mountaineer na aakyat dun this coming month :) baka may kakilala ka na aakyat .. dalawa lang kami ng barkda kong girl ang gustong umakyat and still looking for public climbing by next month or if not next month by this year sana :) and if else na aakyat kayo .. pedeng maki join :) lol
    - april ocariza

  11. Hi guys! transient house in baler aurora where you, your family and/or friends can stay near sabang beach. lots of rooms! from 300 to 500 per pax. non aircon and air conditioned rooms are available. family rooms, king size, queen size, single or double size bed, WI-FI , dining area , cable t.v, videoke , kitchen , grill area , very spacious and safe parking area , etc .. we also have tour packages. call or text 0922-9-771-772 / 099999-07-688 / 0918-256-91-11 / 02-710-01-79 for inquiries or room reservation !

  12. another way to look at baler's beauty=)
    Hi guys! just a suggestion for transient house/rooms in baler aurora where you, your family and/or friends can stay near sabang beach. lots of rooms! from 350 to 500php per pax for 2 days and 1 night stay. air conditioned rooms. WI-FI , dining area , cable t.v, videoke , kitchen , grill area , very spacious and safe parking area , etc .. we can accommodate up to 120pax. we also have tour packages. please call or text 0922-9-771-772 / 099999-07-688 / 0918-256-91-11 / 02-710-01-79 / 02-710-09-25 for photos, inquiries and room reservation please click the link to visit our facebook page @ or search Baler Casa De Viajeros at FB Thanks!

  13. Wow! Undoubtebly maganda talaga sa Baler. Thank you Kuya Geejay! Dami ko nalaman sa Blog mo. You're one of my inspiration next to Nomadic Samuel :)


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