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"Ihaw-Ihawan" at Larsian of Fuente Osmeña, Cebu

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After our fun and tiring adventure in Cebu, we also need to charge up and eat up. So we visited the grilling haven of the city which is located at Fuente Osmeña , Capitol Site near Chong Hua Hopsiptal called the Larsian BBQ.

Larsian is a popular place in Cebu because of its grilled foods. Larsian can be compared to Banchetto of Manila however it serves mostly grilled/barbecued dishes. A variety that ranges from poultry meats down to seafood meats. I didn't google for photos about Larsian therefore I am really clueless of what does it looks like. So I was surprised to see that it was not a single restaurant but it was a big place comprise of many stalls but selling the same type of food. Yes, all the stalls in Larsian are selling the same type of food (well, that is just base on my observation) and this is by far the largest barbecue center that I have ever been.

Some of the things you can choose from =]

Our group felt like a movie star as we entered the place. Mob of barbecue vendors and stall owners welcomed and invited us to try their stalls. That is a normal scene every time a customer/group visits the place. So just feel the scene. They may scream at you but they're not mad at you, it is just their way to win over their competitors.

We were overwhelmed at first and barely couldn't decide where to dine because there are so many stalls to choose from and the food really do look fresh and delicious. So here's a tip, gather all the vendors and bargain with them. Yes, that's right. Ask them what they can offer to you as a freebie if you'll eat on their place. This technique is very effective if you're in a large group like ours because vendors will do anything to have you in their respective stall.

And the stall that win our hearts is stall number 21, the Alindasay. We actually got unlimited "sabaw" or soup  and 2 liters of sodas for free with that technique. The crew is even nice and gave us discounts to our orders despite the freebies they've already offered to the group.

This will be a good chorizo!
Foods of all the stalls are grilled in one area of Larsian. It is located at the center of the place and be visited by the customers to check out their order(s). The place is a pretty loud but you wouldn't mind it as the food is serve right in front of you. By the way, the only way to eat things here is using your hands or "naka-kamay" but you can still keep your hands clean by putting plastic gloves that will be distributed before you eat. Don't worry because it's free of charge. Tip: Alindasay have a delicious sauce that is a perfect match for their grilled foods. Ask a pitcher of it to put on your table. Enjoy eating!

The very interesting rice of Larsian called "puso"
Puso is a popular icon in Cebu like their lechon and dried mangoes. Puso is a steamed rice wrapped in a weaved coconut leaves. It is often seen in places like Larsian and street stalls of Cebu. Its construction makes it accessible to eat while walking or standing and also without the use of spoon, fork and plate. Convenient right?

Look at those saucy chorizo and chicken
Tasty "balunbalunan" and "isaw"
Pusit with veggies
We were all full and happy. Aside from the delicious food, our bill is reasonable and cheap. It was clearly a great experience and people should visit the place whenever they are in Cebu.

Meet the Larsian warriors
Breakdown of Expense: 
Total Bill - 1280 pesos (shared by 11 full person)

  • Isaw (chicken intestine) - 5 pesos
  • Liempo - 350 pesos (4 pieces, discounted)
  • Squid - 70 pesos
  • Chicken skin - 5 pesos
  • Pork barbecue - 
  • Puso (rice) - 3 pesos
  • Chorizo (my favorite) - 13 pesos
  • Balunbalunan (chicken gizzard) - 5 pesos
Now, Imagine our dinning table billed in thousand and having those cheap price tags!

After the war... hahaha

Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] :
Taste: 5 - grilled foods here are really juicy and saucy!
Environment: 2 - people who are meticulous in place will not like dinning here
Service: 5 - happy crew and great service
Price: 5 - super reasonable indeed!


  1. Lami jud kaau sa Larsian bai!! :D good review geejaytravelog haha! :)

    1. salamat guid imkrizai! di ko masyado nabal-an ang imo gin hambal pero nakwa ko naman ang thought. :]

  2. Ah, we were there two years ago and except for the smoke (that literally got to my eyes), I loved our dining experience there. :-)

    1. I believe that setup was before it was renovated. Mas maayos na po siya ngayon =] visit niyo po ulit pag nakadalaw kayo ng Cebu.

      I visited your blog. Great posts and nice photos po. Instant Follow :P

  3. I haven't been back there for years... good to know they still have good food! And the last photo's caption "after the war" sure is fitting.

    1. It was great food and very affordable :] Me and my friends really enjoyed our dinner! Gee, I miss eating there again

  4. One of the best place to visit for a hungry tummy.=)

    1. I totally agree! Plus the fact that it is budget friendly


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