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White Island: The Naked Island of Camiguin

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I've been to Naked Island of Britania Group of Islands in Surigao del Sur and even though I am not fond of staying (long) under the sun, I enjoyed my stay there. That's why I was very excited when I visited Camiguin and got the chance to visit its own version of the naked island, named White Island.

White Island is just like any typical naked island where there are no trees, plants or grass above its sand bar. However, Camiguin's White Island offers a 360 degree picturesque view featuring Mt Mambajao, Mt Hibok-hibok and Old Volcano. Plus, if the weather is fair, islands of Bohol and Leyte are also can be seen from White Island. A great backdrop for photo op and an ideal subject for landscape photography.

How to get there?
If it happens that you are from Mambajao (Camiguin's Capital), you may take a multicab ride going to Brgy. Agoho. Just politely ask the driver to drop you at the nearest beach going to White Island. White Island is a popular tourist destination in Camiguin and therefore, drivers knew where to take you. Multicab ride takes 15-20 minutes. Upon reaching Agoho beach, ask the locals where you can find rent a pump boat that will take you to White Island. Usually, they are near Paras Beach Resort. Boat rental costs 450 Pesos which can carry up to 6 people. Trip usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Approaching White Island
This sandbar of White Island is in the form of a horseshoe, letter C or letter I, depending on the height of the tides. It is surrounded by rich and clear water which makes it a perfect site for snorkeling. There are lots of untouched corals and innumerable species of fishes living underneath the island. Too bad because when we visited White Island, there was a LPA in Mindanao and its not that safe if we push snorkeling. So what we did was swam near the shore, take photos on this beautiful sandbar, and just explore and run around on its 700 meters of fine sand.

We still push through despite the LPA advisory
Baron and Pola reviewing our jump shots at White Island
Market and Business are also present in White Island. Some locals who stayed there including some boatmen sell fresh Swaki (or Sea Urchins) to tourists. I have an empty stomach before I went to White Island so I did not try to eat one. I just didn't want to ruin my stay on the island due to stomachache. And if you forgot to bring your umbrella, there are umbrella rentals in the island itself at the cost of 50 pesos. I can say it is pretty worth it if you'll be going there in the late morning or in the afternoon. Since there are no trees in the island, shades are also not available. These umbrellas can help to protect you from direct heat of the sun. Life jackets and goggles rentals can also be availed. Just ask your boatmen before going to White Island

Pola and Jing using that umbrella as their prop
We stayed in the island for about 45 minutes. The LPA gave us a cloudy weather and away from the rays of Mr. Sun which is I can say favorable to us since we don't need to rent for an umbrella anymore. Though White Island is just a small island lying across the water of Camiguin which can be explored for about 20-30 minutes, our visit had been memorable and really fun.

Century Tuna bodies of Jing and Julius
Yap photo bombing this shot
The boys of this trip!
Happy Pips at White Island

Breakdown of Expenses:
Multicab (Mambajao to Brgy. Agoho) - 7.00 PhP
Boat ride (2 way trip - Agoho to White Island) - 450 PhP / 6 person = 75 PhP per pax
Food - **
Umbrella - 50 PhP(optional)
Life jacket - 40 PhP(optional)
Goggles (for snorkeling) - 40 PhP(optional)


  1. Lovely pictures! :) Keep it up!

  2. Wow! May naked island din pala sa Camiguin.

  3. Kala ko aa siargao lang vmerong naked island

  4. Nung nagpunta kami dyan, parang 30 minutes lang yata kami dahil sa "tight" itinerary at dahil sa galing ng Zest Air. Hahaha. Nakakabwisit lang. Babalik ako dyan!

    1. Hahahah... Mukhang may nangyari sa flight nyo ah. Anyway, atleast po nakapunta kayo :)

  5. Sayang yung weather, mas perfect sana yung photoshoot nyo kung maaraw ng konti.

    1. tama po. Sayang talaga pero kahit papaano, ok na din at di super lakas ng alon that day :)

  6. how much is the total expenses if good for 2 person only

    1. price varies po eh. It depends on the size of the boat you'll be renting. As for this trip, we rented a boat which can accommodate up to 6 passengers and it costs us 450 PhP

  7. The best part of Camiguin!!!


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