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Calaguas Islands of Camarines Norte [featuring Maculabo Island]

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This blog entry is a part II of my Calaguas Trip. You may refer on this link - [click here] to read the first half of my Calaguas Islands trip featuring its well known and top tourist destination island, the Tinaga Island, where the "Mahabang Buhangin" beach is located. Moving on, as for this blog post, I will be featuring another Calaguas' pride, none other than, the majestic Maculabo Island.

Maculabo Island is still part of Calaguas Islands under the municipality of Paracale in Camarines Norte. It is now considered as a prime stop-over for tourists either before or after going to Tinaga Island because of its beauty and elegance. Why it is considered good for stop-over or side trip despite its beuaty and fame? Well, I guess because the island is small and can be explored in a matter of few hours compared to Tinaga Island. According to Wikipedia, Maculabo Island is just about 4 kilometers long. Plus, I didn't see any resort in the area unlike in Tinaga. But if you'll ask me which of the two islands is more beautiful? I'll say, its Maculabo Island.

How to get there?
Please refer on the direction written here -- [click here].

My visit to Maculabo Island was just a side trip and quick so I want this blog post to be short and straight to the point as well. Going to Maculabo Island is just a matter of negotiation to your boatman. As for us, we just added 500 pesos to our boat rental in order to stop-over at Maculabo. All in all, we spend 4,500 pesos on our boat rental which covers a trip to Tinaga Island and Maculabo Island. Its not a bad deal knowing that this place is divine!

The trip from Tinaga Island going to Maculabo Island is about an hour away. From afar you'll say that Maculabo is an ordinary island that you see on your tour around Calaguas but as you go near it and reach the island itself, you'll be mesmerize on its appearance and charm.

Beach shore of Maculabo Island
I'm not faking it when I said crystal clear water
Just feeling the heat of summer!
"Medyo" Candid

The sand in this island may not be as powdery as Tinaga but with its vast blue water, Maculabo Island captivated my heart. Though I consider myself a traveler, I hate staying under sun. Weird eh? I just don't want to go into waste my mother's investment on papaya soap, that's why. Haha. But during my visit at Maculabo, it is one of those moments wherein I didn't care if I turn black or "nognog" and suffer from sunburn. I just swam and dived in the crystal clear blue water of Maculabo under the scorching heat of the sun. Another thing I liked about this island is even I am just right beside the shoreline, the water can go beyond human deep. A perfect site to swim!

Well, for those who doesn't know how to swim, just don't forget to wear life vest to enjoy the water of Maculabo Island.

Nailed it on the first shot!
Photo op mode! 
Undercut mode this summer. LOL!

Maculabo Island is our final destination of this Calaguas Islands adventure. It has brought extra fun and added excitement on this trip. I strongly recommend to visit Maculabo Island when hitting Calaguas!

Breakdown of Expenses:
Please refer on the bottom part of this blog post - [click here]

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  1. Buti ka pa nakapag beach na.. Ako still in process pa kung saan. Your shots are great by the way!

    1. matagal na planuhan din to... 1 month din ata. try to look at my other blogposts baka makatulong sa yo :)

  2. I love the photos... So summer! Especially the 3rd one. Stunning clear waters of the island. I'm sure you had a great summer escape there.


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