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Metro Vigan Cafe: A taste of Asian Ilocandia Cuisine

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My Vigan experience will not be completed if I hadn't tasted Vigan's very own delicacies and cuisines. That's is why I'm really thankful to the management of Metro Vigan Inn and the people behind Powercom for inviting Geejay Travel Log to this wonderful visit, tour and food trip to Vigan. Well, this serves as my second entry of my Metro Vigan Inn blog series. After my feature blog post of their hotel, click here, now I'll be featuring their newly launched in-house restaurant which they called Metro Vigan Cafe.

To give you a short background, Metro Vigan Cafe is just right inside the vicinity of Metro Vigan Inn. It is an in-house restaurant specially made both to the guest of the inn and as well as to other people (non-guests) who are looking for cuisines having a twist or taste of Vigan. Have you tasted Kare Kareng Bagnet? How about Sinanglao and Poki Poki? Not yet? Well, these are just some of the cuisines awaiting for you when you pick Metro Vigan Cafe. Metro Vigan Cafe specialized in Asian Ilocandia Cuisine!

Welcome to Metro Vigan Cafe!
Are you ready for some virtual food trip? Just keep on scrolling that mouse ball and be enticed on the dishes Metro Vigan Inn prepared for us. By the way, I posted all the dishes we ate during our whole stay. So this will be a load of images!


A heart and tasty appetizer with a twist of crisp and crunch here and there chopped crispy bagnet with secret spices top with egg, garnish with mayo for creamy and crispy texture every byte.

Sisig ala Bagnet. Anyone?
POKI POKI (128 Pesos)
Scrambled egg mixed with eggplant a cheap appetizer that will definitely condition your appetite.

ehem hahaha...
Instead of usual pork wrapped inside the spring roll. we use a house made longaniza to give new subtle taste.

Dipping it to Sukang Vigan makes it extra special


SINANGLAO (188 Pesos)
This hot and hearty soup upon serving taste just as delicious as the Sinanglao soup that you came to love.

It looks like Sinigang but it does taste like "Papaitan"
BULALO (288 Pesos)
Cooked with enough time, patience and with its original taste, one won't make bulalo a less favorite yours.

Served in big chunks. Worth to try!


This classic Ilocano fish is steamed on top of fresh tomatoes, onions and ginger, to give a unique and taste flavor.

My fellow bloggers really like this dish
HITO AT TALONG (198 Pesos)
Pan fried cat fish and grilled eggplants. stewed in smoked coconut milk.

Since I love anything with Gata, this is one of my favorite dish!
METRO VIGAN CHICKEN (Whole 319 Pesos & Half 188 Pesos)
Simplicity is beauty. this original chicken of ours will already satisfy your starving stomach with its unique spices.

Tastes like Sincerity's fried chicken
CRISPY PATA (458 Pesos)
Deep fried pig trotters and knuckles that comes with a soy-vinegar dip.

Do I have to comment on this????
Stuffed with fresh tomatoes, onions and ginger, this steamed tilapia will surely make your tummy burst and comeback for more.

I'm not a fan of tilapia so I didn't try it. Sorry.
A classic Ilocano dish, deep fried pork belly crisp to perfection.

Crispy sken, juicy meat... just perfect!
House specialty braised duck and tomato stew with secret herbs and spices. a must try

A Filipino favorite vegetable dish paired with crispy and freshly cooked bagnet.

My most favorite dish served by Metro Vigan Cafe. Very recommendable!


The Ilocanoes favorite vegetable garnished with crispy bagnet chunks will make this dish truly delightful.

CHOPSUEY (168 Pesos)
Believed to be Chinese origin and one of Filipinos favorites, this starch chicken dish with meaty meat and vegetables will surely leave you satisfied.

Rice & Noodles

METRO VIGAN FRIED RICE (Small 98 Pesos Med 168 Pesos Large 208 Pesos)
Vigan chorizo combined with Chinese chorizo are used as base to twist this Chinese classic to an original metro Vigan cafe dish.

METRO VIGAN PANCIT CANTON (Small 98 Pesos Med 168 Pesos Large 208 Pesos XL 298 Pesos)
A colorful noodle meal with ingredients of vegetable and/or chicken/squid balls that is not only delicious to the eyes, but the mouth and the stomach as well.

And that's the end of your Metro Vigan Cafe virtual food trip ala Geejay Travel Log. So, who's craving for some Ilocandia cuisines? If so, book a flight or grab a bus ticket now going to Ilocos (Vigan) and visit Metro Vigan Inn and Cafe to taste it yourself!

Contact Metro Vigan Inn & Cafe!

Reservations can be made through Metro Vigan Inn's online reservation service at or through their reservation office at (077) 674-0448 and (+63917) 824-3800. Check their Facebook page at

Metro Vigan Inn
Bayubay Norte, San Vicente, Ilocus Sur

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