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A Review: Panglao Regents Park of Panglao, Bohol

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I'm the kind of traveler who is not fond of stay-cation when I'm out and travelling. I would choose to spend my money on discovering islands and islets, trying out new stuff and activities or eat on a fancy restaurant rather than staying on a class hotels with soft beds, great service and lots of amenities. The reason why is because my trips are always jam-packed with activities and I only need a hotel just to get through the night for a sleep. So why would I spend a lot if all I need is a bed? But as for a change, I broke that perception and tried to check-in at Panglao Regents Park during our Bohol trip. And I never regret even a single penny I spent because it was worth the stay.

How to get there?
From the name itself, the hotel is located in Panglao and merely near the Alona Beach. So, if you are coming from Tagbilaran airport you may ride a taxi to take you to Panglao Regents Park. Taxi ride may costs you 600-700 Pesos. Or if you are in a tight budget, you may rent a tricycle which you can haggle for about 300 Pesos. Panglao Regents Park is popular in the area so most of the drivers knows where it is located.

Panglao Regents Park
Panglao Regents Park is situated at Ester A. Lim Drive, Panglao, Bohol. And by its address, this hotel is no beach front. Yet, it is just 7-10 mins walk away from the long shore of Alona beach. Panglao Regents Park is divided into 2 buildings. One is the main building and the other one is what they called the "West Wing". These buildings are just facing each other and both has parking area in front. The evident difference I saw was that, in the main building, aside from the rooms, most of the amenities like bar and restaurant, spa, gym, etc are found there. While in the West Wing, it is mostly just rooms and the reception/lobby. Nevertheless, customers can come and go on both buildings anytime they want.

The main building
The West Wing
The Rooms
We stayed at Panglao Regents Park for 2 days and 2 nights. We were 5 in the group and mixed with men and women, so we decided to get two rooms - (1) Standard Superior Family which is for 3 persons and (1) Deluxe Double which is for 2 persons. Both rooms are located in  the West Wing and can accommodate one additional person with of course additional payment as well. There was a promo being hold when we booked our reservation so we got 40% discount on each room. So instead of 3,000 pesos per night per room (a total of 12000 for 2 rooms for 2 nights), we scored each room for only 1,800 pesos per night (a total of 7200 for 2 rooms for 2 nights).

Pool side room at the Main building
The lobby/reception area
Right after we settled and confirmed in their reception our reservations, we were then assisted directly to our rooms. As for the boys room (family room), my first impression was it is too spacious for 3 or even 4 persons. We estimate the room as it can hold up to 5-6 persons. The room smells pretty even and what's important is that the room is clean, cozy and we really felt and saw that it is well maintained.

Our room has the usual flat screen TV installed with cable channels, coffee maker, a personal refrigerator, inside the cabinet was a vault for safe keeping, personal bathroom with towels (which is being change everyday), liquid soap and shampoo, a phone which connects you to the reception and other rooms, has WI-FI connection (which is fast) and the room was of course air-conditioned. The family room has 1 queen size bed and 1 regular size bed and has a wide empty space. So if you have kids with you, they can actually run around the room while you got to stay in bed and just rest. Another good point of this room is that, it has a lot of power plugs. We had a total of 10 power plugs in the room so we don't have to take turns just to have our gadgets recharged. Nice!

(Photo from Panglao Regents Park site)
(Photo from Panglao Regents Park site)
(Photo from Panglao Regents Park site)

Along with a restaurant, Panglao Regents Park has an outdoor pool on both buildings. West Wing pool is open until 6pm while the bigger pool of main building is open until 10pm. The pool in the main building reaches up to 9 feet in deep so fellas who loves to swim will surely enjoy it. You may also chill on their bar in case you want to grab some drinks after a nice swim.

A small pool at West Wing
A much larger pool at the main building
If you ever got tired on your tour at Panglao, you may also want to try their massage services as they have a spa. For health consious Panglao Regents Park also have a fitness center/gym. While, parking is free for all hotel guests. Other amenities include concierge services, dry cleaning and a function hall for conference.

Indulge yourself :)
Overall experience
Yes, our itinerary in Bohol was pretty full and occupied with activities yet above that, I was still able to enjoy and appreciate Panglao Regents Park. We didn't have any issues with their service and all our needs were addressed properly. The hotel is also accessible to other restaurants nearby which gives us a lot of options during meal time and most importantly... Alona Beach is just less than 10 mins walk away. The rooms are clean and we felt safe the whole time we were there. Another thing I like is that, rooms are being serviced/cleaned everyday and same goes with the towels. As they replaced it with new ones. Though the room is pretty spacious, ventilation hasn't became an issue as it was well air-conditioned. The only issue we had is that our television cannot read our external hard drive which contains downloaded movies. Hahaha. Although it was just a minor issue, they still handled and resolved it.

The hallway

I strongly recommend Panglao Regents Park if you are looking for a comfortable and cozy place to stay in while in Panglao, Bohol. It really offers a combination of service, value for money and great location.

Panglao Regents Park

Ester A. Lim Drive, Panglao, Bohol
Land Line: 0063 (38) 5024080 & 0063 (38) 5024081
Globe: 0926-317-8333
Smart: 0939-429-0668
Sun Cellular: 0925-502-4080


  1. Great review. I'm going to love that place for sure.


  2. Wow. Thanks for sharing Geejay. I would love to visit the place and try the Panglao Regents Park someday.

    Travel blogger @ discover guimaras

  3. Thank you for helping out, wonderful info. West Wing pool is open until 6pm while the bigger pool of main building is open until 10pm. The pool in the main building reaches up to 9 feet in deep so fellas who loves to swim will surely enjoy it. You may also chill on their bar in case you want to grab some drinks after a nice swim.Articles About Education


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