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Accommodation in Gigantes Island: Rosewood Place Resort

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If you have read my blog post about our island hopping tour at Islas de Gigantes (also called as Gigantes Islands) then you're probably wondering where did we stayed during our tour. Well, the title says it all. Our group stayed at Rosewood Place Resort found at Gigantes North.

Note: If you are looking for a grand resort with generator, hot and cold shower, or cable-installed television on your room then I would say that this is not the resort for you.

I would describe Rosewood Place as a plain and simple resort. Our stay here will gaves me peace of mind and somehow feels like living to basics again. I added the term "somehow" because although the rooms are air-conditioned and has faucet with unlimited water supply, Rosewood Place has limited access in terms of mobile and internet signals. There is no television on rooms. And lastly, it does not have generator which means there is no electricity from 6am to 6pm (which is implemented in the entire island).

Wait! Please don't be discourage because of the simple things I mentioned above. The resort may not have the luxury of signal but it is located in the beach front. You're there to relax so maximize it and let go of your gadgets. It may not have electricity during day time but who cares? Go out there and explore Gigantes! And instead of contemplating on your room because it has no television, why not take it as an opportunity to bond with your travel buddies? But above all, Rosewood Place serves GREAT FOOD and my friends can attest to that!

The Rooms

I find the rooms at Rosewood Place Resort affordable. Their non air-conditioned room ranges from 600 Pesos (good for 2 pax) to 1,750 Pesos (good for 7 pax). As for the air-conditioned rooms they have 1500 Pesos room which can accommodate 4 persons and 2,500 Pesos room for 7 persons.

Non Air-condition room for 4 pax 
Air Conditioned rooms for 4 pax

We were 9 in the group and wanted to stayed in one room so we asked if we could all stay on their 7 pax air-conditioned room and just add extra beds. They agreed to our request and charged us 3,000 Pesos per night. Although we were 9 and occupying their 7-pax room, I still find it big as if it can still hold up to 11 persons. We didn't have a problem with the ventilation and air conditioning.

Typical room vibe at Rosewood Place Resort
They can also provide electric fan for air condition rooms 
Simple yet clean bathroom

** Note: Room rates vary depending on the season


Well there's nothing much I can say under this section. Like what I stated above, the resort is simple. It has an average comfort rooms, a small dining place where the only television in this resort is located, and a couple of nipa huts where you can hangout with your travel buddies. But the thing you'll love the most about the resort is, it is a beach front hotel. Meaning, you have an unlimited access to the beach to enjoy it.

It is just a few roll away from the beach! 
Staying here

And oh! Before I forgot, you can also rent a videoke machine. Just take note that you can only use it until 10pm. Remember, you're not the only guest in the resort and they might be resting by that time.


Rosewood offers a lot in terms of packages that can ease up your trip to Gigantes Islands. We got our island hopping tour to them at the price of 7,500 Pesos which includes: 2-way transfer on Estancia Port to Gigantes North (where the resort is located) plus 1-day island hopping tour. Incase we decided to only avail their island hopping tour it would have only costs us 2,500 Pesos. The tour packages I mentioned here are for 15 pax and below. They have tour packages up to 30 pax.

You can also arrange your meals at Rosewood Place. Food here are ordered and priced by kilos. During our visit, all seafood dishes are at 250 Pesos per kilo while meats are at 350 Pesos per kilo. The said price includes cooking fee. They will also suggest what they can do to your order. But if you have something else on your mind, you can request it to them but bare in mind that they might not be able to do it due to limited access on ingredients.

These are just some of the food we had during our stay at Rosewood Place Resort: Steamed crab, buttered scallops, grilled fish (yellow fin), adobong pusit, tinolang manok and grilled liempo. And we really had a blast every time we finished our meals!


I really had a nice stay at Rosewood Place Resort. It was relaxing and and I felt the province-vibe I am looking for every time I travel to a place like this. Facilities are something that can be worked on but its not of a big deal (for me). Specially when 70-80% of our time is, we're out exploring its neighbouring islands. They also offer low-cost accommodations and tours which are perfect for groups who are budget conscious.

We also don't have any problem with the staff of the resort as well as with the tour guides they provided. Socializing with them was never an issue. Everyone was friendly, honest and warm. Lastly, we felt secured the whole time we were there -- from the time they fetched us at Estancia Port until they accompanied us back to the port. And again, they serve great food!

Photo Op with Nanay :)

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact Rosewood Place Resort at: 0907 955 1099 and 0910 710 1595

Breakdown of Expenses:
Estancia port to North Gigantes (two-way) and Island Hopping - 7,500 Pesos (good for 9 pax)
Food - **.**
Accommodation - 3,000 Pesos (good for 9 pax)
Videoke - 150 Peos per hour
Environmental fee at Estancia Port - 5 Pesos per pax
Environmental fee at Gigantes North 150 Pesos per pax


  1. Hi kasama po ba yung land tour sa package? Bakwitan cave at light house?

    1. Nope hindi pa po. Btw, here's my blogpost about our inland tour:

  2. tried to contact them today. why so expensive naman ng quote nila samin. 10k for 2pax only :( will be going there next week.. all contacts ang tataas na ng charge nila to think na ung ibang blogs that i have read been there last week lang

    1. May i know the inclusion of your package?

      Isa sa mga nakikita kong reason sa pag taas is "baka" peak season ng ganitong month. On the other hand, if you'll look at our expenses, inabot din kami ng 10.5k (accommodation + tour). Un nga lang, siyam kaming naghati hati kaya di ganun kabigat.


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