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Sweet and Savory crepes of Crepes & Cream

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My craving for crepes and ice cream started back when I was still in college. Melodica, a friend, was the one who introduced me to Crepes & Cream after our successful baby thesis defense in S.A.D (reminiscing those days makes me feel old. lol!). Ice cream in crepe has this balance of sweetness (the ice cream part) and blandness (every time I bite the crepe part) which makes it a great dessert and the main reason why I am fond of it. -- I'll be using again my smart phone for the photos of this entry... aw.

What I love about Crepes & Cream is that their goods are handy. I never worry whenever the store or the stand is full of customers because I can eat it even while walking around the mall. Let me share you my technique. Whenever Crepes & Cream is full, I always bring my ordered crepe in the food court. In the food court, there is a big chance that I can get a chair and enjoy my crepe ice cream while sitting and blogging (yes, I am drafting my blog now).

Aside from being handy, Crepes & Cream also offers a wide variety of flavors and choices. It is not only ice cream they put inside the crepe which is also called as Sweet Crepes. They also serve what they call Savory Crepes. Savory Crepes options are ham, hotdog, tuna, pork floss, shredded chicken, ground beef, etc... rolled inside the crepe . Yup, main course can also be serve in crepes. So if you are in a hurry and needed a quick meal, then you can also try Crepes & Cream (if there is a nearby branch).

Rocky Road with Chocnut toppings!
If you are still not satisfied on the wide range of goods that they offer in their menu, then why don't you try creating your own crepe recipe? Yes, that's right! Crepes & Cream allows us to create our own crepe recipe. For Sweet Crepes, just pick what flavor of ice cream you wanted to start off (where there are more than 10 flavors to choose from). Then add up your spreads (hazelnut, strawberry jelly, peanut butter, etc) and toppings (choco chips, almond flakes, fudge brownie, oreo crumble, chocnut chunks, cheesecake bites, etc... etc!). You can also add up an additional premium and/or sugar free ice cream to complete your crepe recipe. And as for the Savory Crepe, pick first from ham, hotdog, tuna, pork floss, shredded chicken, ground beef and more. Then decide your Veggies (mushroom, lettuce, onion, etc..) and Sauces (cheddar cheese, honey mustard sauce, taco sauce or mushroom sauce). Sound fun and delightful huh?

Choose and mix!
You can enjoy these crepes from 75 pesos up to 165 pesos. Price may exceed if you're an add-on and toppings maniac. Hehe. Fyi, milkshakes, sundaes, and beverages like sodas, teas and coffee are also being serve in Crepes & Cream.

MOA - in front of Bench Body store
So if you are urging for a crepe fix, whether it is a Sweet crepe or Savory crepe, then I suggest to give Crepes & Cream a shot!

Branches (this may change...):
SM City North EDSA | 2nd Flr
Robinsons Place - Manila | 1st Flr
Newport Mall
SM Mall of Asia | Main Mall and Entertainment Mall
Power Plant Mall | 1st Flr
The Podium
SM City Fairview
SM Megamall - Atrium | 3rd Flr
Trinoma | 4th Flr

Ready to go!
Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] (MOA Branch) :
Taste: 3.9 - thumbs up! 
Environment: 3 - poor lighting and tables are not maintained clean
Service:  3 - this is because of my reason above
Price: 5 - I find it affordable


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