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From Korea to the Philippines: Tous Les Jours

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Korean craze is pushing to a new level! Aside from the Koreanovelas (Full House, Missing You, Endless Love), Korean bands and groups (KPOPs), photo poses (these are the poses in gwiyomi), dance craze (like gangnam style and gentleman), food and restaurants (kimchi, jampong, bonchon, KBOP) that is so popular in the Philippines, today, Korea has also started to bring-in in the country their Bake shop!

Tous Les Jours is an Asian-French bakery originated in Guri, Korea in 1997. They are known for freshly baked breads and delectable cakes that is made from the finest ingredients. Now, Tous Les Jours has established a bakery-cafe system in the U.S as well as in different parts of Asia like the Philippines. For those you doesn't know (this includes me), Tous Les Jous means "everyday" in French and it is pronounced as "Tu-le-juru". Knowing this, we can now invite our friends to visit Tous Les Jours by saying the actual name of the store instead of saying a "nearby bakeshop". Lol.

History of TLJ are part of the store interior
The cakes and products of Tous Les Jours reflects the creativity of the Koreans. Koreans is known for making ordinary things into a cute and fancy one. Inshort term, they are re-inventive. I don't mean to say that we, Filipinos, are less creative. It's just that in this category of being inventive, Koreans is a bit ahead of us. Ok going back... I can say that the main asset of this store are their cake designs. I adore how dainty and delightful their cakes look like. In addition to its amazing shapes and sizes, they also colored their cakes in a way that people will definitely want to eat them. It's really hard to explain this in plain words but the colors really add extra factor for making these cakes look special. From flower shaped cakes to their bear shaped cakes, it just goes to show that Tous Les Jours have expert and creative pastry artists who really knows how to delight customers. Just simply refer on the photos below to see what I am trying to explain here. (All photos are taken again using my smart phone. Please bare with the quality):

Heart Shaped Strawberry Cake - 598.00 PhP
Strawberry Inspiration - 598.00 PhP

Rich Chocolate Cake - 398.00 PhP and Cutie Bear 498.00 PhP
The french side of Tous Les Jours are can be seen in their baked breads. They have a huge variety of baguette, croissants, and croquette pastries. The aroma of these breads will charm you once you get inside Tous Les Jours.

I really want to taste each one of these pastries :P

The interior is also pleasing. They use perfect lighting to emphasize their products and also the whole store design itself. Most of its interior is in wood which set the right vibe for Tous Les Jours. Customer will definitely love not only the products they sell but also because of the aura of this place. It feels cozy inside and most importantly, it's clean.

Busy cashier equates to revenue :] 
Choose from these varieties!
What I also find bizzare about Tous Les Jours is that all their pricing ends with number "8" - like 398 Php, 598 Php,  68 Php so on and so forth. I don't know if it's just a coincident.

Chocolate Powder Cake - 448.00 PhP
To end this up... if you want to take a bite of this Korean Bakery, you can visit their branch at SM Mall of Asia in the ground level - Entertainment Mall.

Other branches of TLJ:
SM Fairview - Ground floor, Annex 2 Building
Glorietta - G4-129 Ground Floor Glorietta 4
Festival Mall
SM North Edsa
Alabang Town Center
Greenbelt - Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5
Eastwood City - 1st Floor Shop 3 Techno Plaza 2
SM Southmall

Ratings based on my experience [0-5, 5 is the highest] (MOA Branch) :
Taste: 4.5 - cakes are not too sweet. Just perfect!
Environment: 5 - clean and approved interior
Service:  4.5 - they allow me to take photos and they're friendly as well
Price: 4 - approve!


  1. The cakes look too beautiful to eat! :D

  2. The cakes are so mouthwatering!:)

    1. Yes they are :] Visit Tous Les Jours to see them up close. hehe

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