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Food Trip at "Food Truck Park" in Capitol Commons, Pasig City

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Food truck is a mobile kitchen or canteen that sells and transport food. Commonly they are in the form of vans and school buses that has an installed kitchen and a large opening or window for food display. These mobiles are also coated with the brand's prints and logos in which I believe is used to have a quick recall to potential customers. In the US, food trucks are now making their way and name in the food and business industry. Food Network channel even produced a show called "Great Food Truck Race" wherein different food truck businesses compete on each other and at the end of every episode, the truck who sold the least will be eliminated. The show is now on its 4th season which also shows how popular are food trucks today and how it is being patronage by people.

Food trucks are not something new in the streets of Manila, but putting 10 or more food trucks in one site is a different argument. Yes, 10 food mobiles that sell from appetizers to main dishes, and even, desserts. An organization called "Metro Manila Food Truck Association" gathered food truck owners and joined forces to an exciting gustative adventure for Pinoy Foodies.

Capitol Commons is the place to be. It is located in the corner of Meralco Avenue & Shaw Boulevard and it is just across from the famous Kapitolyo in Pasig. Capitol Commons is the newest urban destination that showcases prime residential developments, office spaces, and now, a Food Truck Park.

This was an unexpected food trip. Good thing Alvin brought his camera. 

Future Food Critics (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)
I was with my workmates when I visited Capitol Commons and as soon as we reached the Food Truck Park, we were like everywhere the area checking each and every trucks deciding what to try and eat.


Kuyang is a Filipino-style food truck which offers classic pinoy dishes serves as rice toppings. Some of their sumptuous food are Liempo Meal, Bistek Meal, Chicken Longga Meal, and Tenga Meal. That's right, they serve rice with pork's ears. Very street food. Their best sellers are Lechon Kawali Meal and Chickapork Combo.Chickapork is basically fried chicken skin and pork rind bits served as 1 meal. It may taste good, but it should be eaten in moderate.

Jo, Jo.. Hihihi (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Big Bite Avenue

On ther hand, Big Bite Avenue owned by celebrity Carlo Aquino (and his girlfriend) is known for its homemade burgers and poutine. Poutine is a Canadian dish prepared with French fries savor with gravy sauce and cheese curds. Sound flavorful huh? Big Bite Avenue's best sellers are Barbecue Burger and Chorizo Longganisa Burger.

They already have their Big Bite Avenue's burger (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Shawarma Bros

Shawarma Bros is the "talk of the town" food distributor in Food Truck Park. It is not only because of their great tasting shawarma but also because of the very distinct look of their truck. Based on what I've read in the net, they even patented the design of their truck. Wow! These folks are very determined to secure their uniqueness among other food trucks. Well, they are best known for their Lamb Steak Open Plate Shawarma served with biryani rice.

Brilliant advertisement! #truck #hashtags (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)
Marga and Ate Kath with their shawarma (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)


Mexican food served in a Volkswagen Kombi makes up the name of this next food truck. For me, they have the coolest truck among the food trucks in the park. Old school service van on its finest. And For foodies who loves Mexican food, I am sure you'll love Mexikombi because (based on one of my friend who'd tried Mexikombi) they sold food with true Mexican taste and flavor. And affordable too.

Try to focus on Volkswagen Kombi (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Hungry Rover

This is number 1 on my list. Before we even gotten to the park, I have already decided that I'll be buying at Hungry Rover and try their popular Angus tapa. Reason is, I've read tons of great feedback about it and they said it is a must-try when visiting Food Truck Park. My verdict, I confirm all the rumors about it. It is really tasty, flavorful and tender. Plus, the price is just right with the amount of serving. Really a must try!

Sorry I don't have a decent shot of Hungry Rover's Truck. (Right Photo) Angus Tapa from Hungry Rover (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

Other participating trucks are: Ser Chef's Lechon by Mitzi, The Cheesesteak Shop, Mio Gelati which serves unique gelato flavors, Truck Bun, Jasper's House of Chicken, and a whole lot more.

Food Truck Park is an open space area where people can decide whether to eat their orders on provided tables and chairs around the park or just have a picnic style whereas sitting on the grass. You decide.Capitol Commons is a good place to relax and bond with whoever you are with while eating. I envy those offices who are just near and walking distant to this place. Sigh.

Thank you guys for taking me here! Till our next food trip! (Photo from Alvin Dela Rosa)

The rise of food trucks has shown people that good quality food doesn't need to come from a stand-alone and fancy restaurant. I can't wait to see these food trucks grow and be available in different parts of the Metro.

Note: Before you visit the Capitol Commons to experience this exciting event, check first the Food Truck Park FB page for schedules.


  1. I haven't been to Capitol Commons. Though I pass by the area going to Ortigas and going home to Pasig. Thanks for your blog entry. Now I'm curious to eat there. Btw, beautiful photos too. Are you using an SLR?

    1. Hi, before you go there please visit first their FB fanpage to check their schedules. I included the link in this blogpost.

      Regarding my photos, for this blog post I just borrowed a point and shoot camera from my colleague because this was an unexpected foodtrip but most of the photos in this blog were shot using my slr. :)

  2. Wow! I want to try this. Thanks for your entry!

    1. Welcome po :) but check their FB page for their schedules.

  3. on the average, how much is the food? Thanks!

  4. I wish we have food trucks in our place too. This post reminds me of a food show - Eat St.

  5. Are they always in the same area in Capitol commons?

    1. I believe not. You may know their schedules and whereabouts by following them on FB:

  6. Hi Geejay! You can find food trucks at PARK N' SELL, Meralco Ave. cor. Capt.Javier, Oranbo, Pasig (at the back of Capitol Commons). Tuesday to Sunday @ 4pm to 11pm until end of December 2014. Hope you could visit us again!


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