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7 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Travelers in Your Life

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Christmas season has finally arrived and with it comes the bustle and hustle of gift buying for our friends and love ones. Deciding a gift for travelers is quite complex and tricky. There are many types of travelers out there and they are very different from one another, ranging from cowboy-style backpackers to a classy jet setters, but I have here some gift ideas that you may find useful to give to your love ones and friends who loves to travel. Well, honestly speaking, this also serves as my wishlist for 2013. =]

1. Chargers -  Power banks and Adapters

Wishlist status: I already have these. Yeah.

Power banks and Solar Chargers. These have been an essential to travelers since the era of smartphones and tablets arises and conquer the world of travelling. Gadget fanatics and hikers will definitely love this things since they have limited source of electricity whenever they hit the road.

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Adapters on the other hand are very useful for people who travels outside the country. The Universal Adapters comes with different plug shapes and sizes that matches the outlets found in countries around the world. A common Universal Adapter has the 3 pins plug, 2 pins, slanting pins, and circular plugs. These types of sockets are commonly used in UK, Europe and US. There is also an adapter wherein it converts a single socket/electrical plug in to 2 or more electrical plug. Having this, you may now charge your phone and your tablet simultaneously and eliminate the usual routine wherein you'll wait for the first gadget to be full before you can able to charge the other one.

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2. Bags - Body Bag and Dry Bags

Wishlist status: Please give me a TNF body bag and/or dry bag #beggingHere.

Well aside from backpacks and strollers, I find body bags very useful. I use it as a secondary storage for things which I frequently used in travelling (eg. wallet, coin purse, passport, bus tickets, etc). So instead of putting them to your main bag and digging them up whenever you needed it (which may result clutter whatever the things inside your bag), why don't you put them on some of these in which you can immediately get them, and put them back in no time.

For travelers who are fond of  water activities and beaches, I suggest you give them dry bags. These bags come in different sizes and of course, its waterproof. No more worries on getting things and gadgets get wet whenever in an island hopping trip.

Photo from Scuba Symphony

3. Plane Ticket / Voucher

Wishlist status: I accept ticket destined anywhere in the Philippines! #coron #davao #amanpulo

Encourage him/her to travel more by giving a boat or plane ticket to his/her favorite state, province, or country. Tip: wait for a seat sale or promo before buying. This will save you up to 50% or more than the regular prize.

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Traveling is fun but the long drive and activities in between travel is exhausting. A voucher on a spa, body massage or facial treatment is a great way to treat your wanderer buddy/love one. 

4) Organizers / Packing Cubes

Wishlist status: Still waiting for somebody to give me this. When it comes to my wishlist, it is not in my top priority though. #lols

Selecting what to pack is quite easy. However, packing (organizing) them inside the bag is a different issue. Not every backpackers have the gift of spatial visualization (this includes me). But with these cubes, packing and unpacking is simplified since things are organize and easy to locate. With a variety of sizes available in the market, you'll definitely find one that will perfectly fit on your (or your friend's) travel bag.

Photo from Everyday North of 60 Further South

5) Clothing and Accessories

Wishlist status: I prefer polarized sunglasses from Neff or Oakley. For hoodie, A Men's Surgent Hoodie from TNF pleaseeeee... Color: TNF Black/ TNF Red #feelingero

Travelers also want clothes and accessories. Giving us something like sunglasses as gift will makes us happy too. It does not only make us stylish but also protects our eyes from direct sun rays and dust during our travel. Another stylish stuff you can give are earphones. Listening to music or watching a movie is just the perfect activity for killing time during long travel, drive and flight. Noise cancelling headphones are the best type you can actually give. Other thing that I can suggest are jackets and scarfs -- Essentials for the cold times, a great source of warmth.

Photo from Action Sport Optics
Photo from The North Face

6) Swiss Army / Multi-Tool

Wishlist status: I already have this and named it "Stanley".

Travelers are fascinated on things which are compact, multi-purpose and space saver. With that, Multi-Tools are always on top of the list for gift ideas for backpackers. It comes in small size yet it serves several functions. Other versions include items like knives, tweezers, bottle opener, folding scissors, screwdriver bits and others. A very handy tool for people who loves outdoor activities like trekking and camping.

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 7. Go Pro Camera (currently number 1 on my wishlist)

Wishlist status: I hope Go Pro pips will be able read this blog and give me a Hero 3 Black Edition... I hope. Hope. Dear God. Please

The HERO3+ Black Edition, to be specific. A very handy camera - small, compact, light yet a mighty cam. Perfect gift for people who are engage in extreme sports and adventures. Records HD videos. Video resolutions can go up to 4k and with its 12mp camera, you can shoot up to 30 frames per second. Not only that, it is also waterproof. So you can have underwater shots on the pristine waters of Palawan, Davao and Batangas. How cool is that huh?

There you have it. I hope I helped you out on deciding what to give this season to your love ones and friends who love to travel. And hey, if you have other things on your mind you may use the comment section below to share it. I'll be glad to read your thoughts. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

** My entry to Out of Town Blog's contest - Travel Bloggers Christmas Wishlist


  1. Great list Geejay! These are things I want, especially the dry bag, plane tickets, and Go Pro hahaha. Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh that Go Pro - every travelers dream hahahaha... Merry Xmas Mustachio!

  2. gopro hero 3+ black is what i want too! and some filters! :)

    1. Wow!!!! Lakbay Diva commented on my blog :) Hi po!

      It looks like I am not the only one dreaming for that Go Pro hehehe

    2. Hi Lakbay Diva! Once that wish is granted, borrow nalang ko sa imong Go Pro hahaha

    3. @geejay: ang ganda kasi for selfie hahaha
      @mustachio: cge, tapos freedive tayo! hehehe

  3. gusto ko din ng go pro!!! nagparaffle ng ganyan sa office nung xmas party sad to say di ako ang nabunot nyahaha

    1. Waaaa!! Sayang naman. oh well, nakapa-swerteng nilalang nun hahaha

  4. The NorthFace Hoodie looks cool!
    I also want a Go Pro in my wishlist too. :D

    1. I've got to try it out and astig siya! :) Hey i saw your blog and your wishlist as well. I drool at Canon EOS 5D Mark III

  5. Wow! It seems like everyone wants to have a GoPro this Christmas. Sana GoPro isa sa prize ni Melo para isa sa atin manalo. :D

    1. Naku sana nga :P Oo pansin ko din sikat ang Go Pro sa mga travelers. Ganda kasi ng specs and bagay na bagay talaga sa mga gala :)


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