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Island Hopping: El Nido, Palawan Tour C & D

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El Nido is also considered as a top tourist destination in the Philippines. It houses the nicest beaches, islands and lagoons in the country and it is now gaining popularity on both local and foreign tourists.

Since I've already gave you an idea on how to book tours in El Nido and also suggested tours and accommodation on my previous post [Click Here], well its time for me to share on you our tour on those exquisite beaches, lagoons and islands of El Nido, Palawan. We only stayed in El Nido for three days (2 1/2 days to be exact) so instead of availing single tour each day, we decided to do a combination tour which will save time and will cover more spots of El Nido despite the time constraint. And as for this blog post, I'll be featuring the Tour C plus Tour D prepared by Northern Hope Tours. So sit back, relax and just keep that mouse ball rolling!

Helicopter Island

What can you say about its shape?
Helicopter Island is also called as Dilumacad Island. The island gained its name from its shape. From a distance, the shape of this island resembles to the shape of a helicopter. On one side, people can enjoy snorkeling and see fringing reef and different kind of fishes. It is also ideal for beach bumming even in the afternoon because of the massive mountain and rock formations of this island as it block the sun rays.

A closer look of the island
A nice day to swim!
Selfie time!

Hidden Beach

I consider Hidden Beach as one of the best site in El Nido. I believe it is so called Hidden Beach because this beach is literally hidden between 2 colossal rock formations. If you'll look at it from afar, the rock formation on the island/shore turned into a background which appears to connect the 2 colossal rocks. Making an illusion that it is one tall wall and a dead end. However, getting closely to the beach, you'll see that there is a passage.

From afar, that white sand is not visible and all those walls look flat

Matinloc Shrine

"Matinloc" is a local term for beautiful. This island offers an awesome view of some neighboring islands and islets in El Nido. Although the way on the viewing deck is kind of dangerous as it is not cemented and the improvised stairs is not furnished, I recommend that you still go for it and risk it as the view up there is really worth it. Just take extra caution when you'll try it.

Also, a shrine was built in the island in1982 to honor the blessed Virgin Mary which later they called the Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc.

A port at Matinloc Shrine (photo from Aj Maisog)
Breathtaking view at Matinloc's view deck (photo from Aj Maisog)
Another shot from the view deck (photo from Rodel Bianan)
Food trip prepared by our boatmen (photo from Rodel Bianan)
Yup, they know a lot about food art (photo from Rodel Bianan)
How can we eat something this cute? (photo from Aj Maisog)
Left (photo from Rodel Bianan) | Right - The shrine of the Virgin Mary (photo from Aj Bianan)
Groupfie before we left Matinloc (photo from Aj Maisog)

Secret Beach

Secret Beach is one of the spot in El Nido that WOW-ed me. I was really amazed of its beauty and secrecy. Yup, that's right. I was amazed on how the people of Palawan discovered this beach. It is because in order to witness the beautiful beach of Secret Beach, one must swim into a small hole. The entrance is in between rocks with a hole. Boat couldn't fit in or even go near the hole due to strong current so one must swim in order to see the secret beach. The water is really deep and the wave here is pretty strong so it is suggested to wear life vest going inside.

Once you're inside, you'll be amaze. The water is calm, warm and waist deep. It's like a paradise in a tiny form.

** Still waiting for my friend with Go Pro to upload our photos at Secret Beach

Cadlao Lagoon

Cadlao Lagoon's water is mostly shallow therefore it is a perfect site for swimming and snorkeling. So gear up those goggles & flippers and explore wonderful creatures and corals underneath this lagoon. And since this is a lagoon expect that the water here is calm. So aside from swimming and snorkeling, other suggested activity here is kayaking. With its aqua blue water and towering limestone rocks one will surely have a nice chill time while paddling around the lagoon.

Welcome to Cadlao Lagoon (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Swim, Kayak and Snorkeling time! (photo from Julius Magdasoc)
Kayaking with Ius  (photo from Mariz Marcelo)

Bukal Island

As for our last stop on Tour C and D, we visited the Bukal Island (also called as Bukal Beach). This island is also known as a snorkeling site as there are amazing underwater creature in this part of El Nido. Also not to mention the beautiful coral garden which can be found even on the shallow part of the beach.

Foreign Tourists we met during this trip  (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Final swim that day  (photo from Mariz Marcelo)

There you have it. That's the end of our combination Tour C and D in El Nido, Palawan. I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour on 2 out of 4 tours in El Nido. For the second half of our exploration, you may refer to this link. It features our Combination Tour A and B to the beautiful island of El Nido: Island Hopping: El Nido, Palawan Tour A and B. And if you are planning to visit it El Nido, this blog post might help you out: Island Hopping and Tours in El Nido, Palawan.

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