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Island Hopping: El Nido, Palawan Tour A and B

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El Nido lies in the northern most part of Palawan and with its land area of 465.1 square kilometers (as per wikipedia) hold the most beautiful beaches, extremely beautiful lagoons, and picturesque islands & islets in the Philippines.

And as I promised on my previous blog post where I featured our combination tour on C and D, I'm now giving you the other half of our tour wherein we explored A and B. This is another combination tour prepared by Northern Hope Tours. If our tour on C and D makes my eyes pop with the beautiful sites, Tour A and B took my breath away. El Nido really has a lot, lot, lot to offer when it comes to tourist attraction.

Alright. Enough with the introduction and let's start your 2nd half of virtual tour on the beautiful islands of El Nido!

Small Lagoon

In order to explore Small Lagoon, you'll have to passed through a crack between rocks. Don't worry because the crack/hole is much bigger compared to Hidden Beach. However tour boats can't still get in it so you'll have to swim to it or use kayak to explore the area. Small Lagoon is enclosed by colossal marble walls. It is also divided into different chambers. I suggest you explore its innermost part, where it is much peaceful and less crowded.

Big Lagoon

Seeing the wide entrance of Big Lagoon really excites me as its entrance has this beautiful rock formation. And when we were finally inside it, it was breathtaking and priceless. I felt an indescribable serenity. When people got to see the Big Lagoon, they'll probably say that they already saw what they came for in El Nido.

Unlike in Small Lagoon, tour boats can passed through the entrance of Big Lagoon so just sit back, relax and enjoy the view while exploring the site.

Now this is what I call a Grand Entrance (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
More tourist at Big Lagoon (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
One of the best site and view in El Nido (photo from Julius Magdasoc)

Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon is located on one of the island in El Nido. I think it was so called Secret Lagoon is not just only because it can be found at the edge of the  island but also because it has this small entrance that when you see it, you'll not think that on its other side, there's this small lagoon where people can enjoy some private and shady swim. By the way, its opening is much smaller than the entrance of Hidden Beach.

We also had our lunch on this island.

I'm the king of the world!!! (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Parking area of Secret Lagoon (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Mighty and big boulder in the lagoon (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Explore the other side (photo from Mariz Marcelo)

Snake Island

I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. The island is called Snake Island not because it is nested by snakes but its is because of the natural sandspit (an s-formed sand bar) which connects 2 islands. People can island hop from one island to another island through feet during low tide as this sand bar is only visible on low tide. Too bad because when we went there, it was already high tide. 

There is also a view deck on the island. One must trek 5 to 10 mins in order to reach the said view deck. The whole sand bar that connects Snake Island to another island is visible when you're up there. You'll also love the view from the view deck.

Famous sand bar of El Nido, Palawan (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Those people are actually using that sand bar to island hop (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Other side of the view deck (photo from Mariz Marcelo)

Cudugnon Cave

I really admire the people who discovered the spots in El Nido, Palawan as most of them were hidden and enclosed. One of them is Cudugnon Cave. Just like Hidden Beach, Secret Lagoon and Small Lagoon, the entrance of Cudugnon Cave is small. You have to crawl plus roll in order to get inside. The cave isn't big and can be explored in less than half an hour. It has interesting rock formations and story as it is believed that this cave serves as a burial site during the Neolithic period.

Photo op inside Cudugnon Cave (photo from Rodel Bianan)

Cathedral Cave

I have nothing much to say to this place as we only went there to have a picture of it (and selfies) because this cave can't be explored and I don't know the reason why. People are only allowed on its entrance/opening.

The tall entrance of Cathedral Cave (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Selfie at the entrance of Cathedral Cave (photo from Rodel Bianan)

Papaya Beach

As for our last spot to visit, we went to Papaya Beach. It is where people can enjoy playing beach volleyball or just rest on a hammock installed in the island. It was our chill time. Some of us did play volleyball, some did kayaking, and others done snorkeling (including myself). The underworld of this beach is really alive and fascinating. I saw different species of fishes, corals and plants. We even reach the other side of the island as we really explored the whole area while snorkeling. 
Chilling time at Papaya Beach (photo from Mariz Marcelo)
Beach volleyball at the shore of Papaya Beach (photo from Rodel Bianan)

Now that you've reach the end of your virtual tour on combination Tour A and B. I just hope that you enjoyed it. If you missed out our combination tour C and D, just click this link: Combination Tours C and D in El Nido, Palawan. And if I have influence you to see El Nido yourself, this blog post might help you on planning your own trip: Island Hopping and Tours in El Nido, Palawan.


  1. Well, El Nido is really popular, and it gives me an idea to have vacation there some time. My friends said that it is really beautiful place. Thanks for sharing the tips, I will keep that in mind.


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