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A Review: Henann Resort Alona Beach of Panglao, Bohol

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Henann is a known group which offers world-class accommodations and top-notch service. They made a statement when they constructed their first luxury resort in the beautiful island of Boracay. And just last year of August, they expanded in Bohol where they opened a 6.5 hectare of property. The resort sits at Panglao, Bohol and along the pristine shores of Alona Beach. Henann Resort Alona Beach currently reigns as the biggest resort in the island of Panglao. And with that, I was so curious what it feels like to stay in this kind of resort. So, as for my girlfriend's birthday, I convinced her and her family to book at Henann since we will be celebrating it in Bohol. Luckily, they agreed!

How to get there?
Like what I have stated above, Henann Resort Alona Beach is located in Panglao. So, if you are coming from Tagbilaran airport you may ride a taxi to take you to Alona beach in Panglao. Taxi ride may costs you 600-700 Pesos. But if you are in a tight budget, you may rent a tricycle which you can haggle for about 300 Pesos. Henann Resort Alona Beach is so popular in the area and drivers know where exactly it is located.

Welcome to Henann Resort Alona Beach of Bohol

The Room

The 6.5 hectare resort of Henann has 400 spacious, world-class rooms and 12 Pool Villas. And during our stay, we booked one of their Premier Room. A Premier Room rates at 6, 753.60 PhP per night which can accommodate a maximum of 3 persons. However the free buffet breakfast is only good for 2 persons. We we're four during this trip, therefore we paid extra to fully experience Henann. Below is the computation of our stay for 4 persons for 3 nights (and 4 days): 

Again, the room costs 6,753.60 PhP per night. Since we stayed there for 3 nights, total room costs was 20,260.80 PhP. The buffet breakfast is only good for 2 persons. So as for the buffet breakfast of the 3rd person, we paid 549 PhP each day. It will be multiplied by three since we had 3 breakfasts during our stay, so total cost was 1,647 PhP. It doesn't stop there. Since we were 4 on that trip. The 4th person paid another 1,500 PhP for the extra bed and buffet breakfast. In which has an additional total cost of 4,500 PhP. In short, we paid a total of 26,407.80 PhP for our 3 nights stay (good for 4 pax). Now, enough with the math and let's go back to the room we availed...

Premier Room (Photo from Henann website)

Our room is located in the 4th floor and since it is a Premier room, its veranda is facing the Pool/beach side. Yet before we even reach our room, I already set my expectations high. We paid a lot just for this vacation plus this resort is known for being luxurious so I guess it's just fair. So as we entered our room, at first I was just nodding my head up and down because what I am seeing that time satisfied my high expectation. It was clean, cozy and well ventilated but what exceeds the bar are the view of the veranda plus the bathroom part of the room. The view from our veranda is merely breathtaking! We have a view of their massive, modern styled pools which is so pleasing to stare and stayed at. I know its funny, but I was also amazed with their bathroom. It was so big and spacious that another person can occupy comfortably. It has a dedicated space for bathtub and shower area, a big area for sink and mirrors with hair dryer, and of course another big space for the toilet. Everything on that bathroom is big and spacious!

View from our room's veranda

The only issue I encountered was the poor WIFI connection. Well, I do have my own data plan so it wasn't a deal breaker for me.

You may also want to try their Direct Access Pool rooms


Dining Areas, Cafes and Bars. Henann Resort Alona Beach has a lot of dining areas and bars scattered accordingly. One of them that we personally experienced was the Coral Cafe. It is where the buffet breakfast is hold every 6 in the morning till 10. Although the cafe serves the same food during breakfast on our whole stay, we don't mind it. Why? Because there are so much varieties to choose from plus the fact that it tastes great as well. They serve breads such as pandesal and ensaymada. Dried fishes like dangit and daing. The usual breakfast food like eggs (sunny side up, scrambled, etc), ham and bacon. Soups were served as well. Tons of different drinks (about 5 to 6 kinds of juices, coffee and hot chocolate). Fruits like sweet mango, watermelon, and more. Plus desserts. Plus these and that! Really so much to choose from! Also not to mention that the staff in Coral Cafe are very accommodating and friendly. Not bad for a 549 PhP worth of meal.

View if you decided to grab some snack

As for the bars, what fascinated me, are the sunken bars located on each pool. These sunken bars are literally located in the pool. So you don't have to get out of the pool just to get a drink and some snack. It's actually pretty convenient.

Each pool has its own sunken bar
Let's have a closer look of the sunken bar

Pools and Beach. Henann has these 3 massive pools that you will surely enjoy! One of the pools are located in the middle of the resort's buildings. This is the view that are usually seen on Premier rooms and Direct pool access rooms. While the other 2 pools are located just before you reach the Alona Beach. Each pools has towel stations where you can borrow towels while you swim in the pool or in the beach. So there's no need to bring your own towel or the towel from your room.

Dip in the beach or at the pool?
A piece of heaven on Earth...
My tour guide. Haha

Alona beach is just a few steps away from the resort. In fact Henann is a beach front resort. Also, there are beach umbrellas in the shore of Alona provided by Henann in case you want to stay in the beach watching the sun rise, as it sets or just wanted to get those skin tanned.

Ready to get tanned?

Others. Other amenities you can find at Henann Resort Alona Beach are spa, fitness center with gym, airport transfers, souvenir shop, laundry service, foreign currency exchange, convention/business center, and printer, fax, and photo copying services.

The receiving area

Overall Experience

Henann Resort Alona Beach live up to its name as a luxury hotel with top notch services. Our room was maintained clean everyday by the house keepers, it was well ventilated and the beds have a comfortable bedding. The foods they serve in their cafe tastes great and in wide varieties. We were always full every time we walked out on Coral Cafe which was a nice way to start our mornings. The place is really perfect for vacation. There was even a day where we just actually lay in our room and just enjoy the pools. We really enjoyed our whole 3 nights stay. It was definitely an excellent choice to stay at while in Bohol. 

Breakdown of Expenses:
Room - 6,753.60 PhP per night x 3 nights = 20,260.80 PhP
Breakfast of the 3rd person - 549 PhP each day x 3 days = 1,647 PhP
Extra bed for the 4th person (with breakfast) - 1,500 PhP per night x 3 nights = 4,500 PhP
= a total of 26,407.80 PhP for 3 nights stay (good for 4 pax)

** Room rates may vary over time...


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  3. Nice review Gee! I was wondering why you didnt book the Family Room instead. Is it because you wanted a great view? Either way Im sure you guys had fun. Also, may I ask what is your data provider? Im with globe and would like to know if they have a good and reliable signal there. Thanks v much!

  4. Very nice and informative. Thanks!

  5. The Hennan Hotel should had given you discounts or consolations free bees or even thanks token. You tried hard to promote their hotel in your blog...


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