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What to Do and Where to Eat, Go and Stay when in Panglao, Bohol

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Panglao is a beautiful island in the Philippines which is found in the southwest region of Bohol. It gains its popularity because of the long and lovely beaches it possess, rich biodiversity which makes it a perfect site for diving and snorkeling activities, interesting geological feature and not to mention the stunning hotels and restaurants that are rising in the island.

With the many qualities of the island I mentioned, you already know that there are bunch of places this province is proud of.

[Where to Eat] Bohol Bee Farm

We visited Bohol Bee Farm right after our Country-Side Tour in Tagbilaran and before we went to our hotel in Panglao. So basically, we were there for our dinner. My first impression of the place is that it has this relaxing vibe. It has this not so bright yellow lighting and aside from the small talk you hear from the people who are dining there, you can also hear waves coming from the sea.

I didn't also expect that the place is that big. Aside from the dining area, it offers rooms for accommodation, souvenir shop, a spa and a pool. It also has an ice cream parlor with unique flavors such as peanut kisses, dragon fruit, malunggay, etc. Those are a must try!

[Where to Go] Hinagdanan Cave

What I like about Hinagdanan Cave is that it has an underground lake inside it. Among all the caves I've been to, this is the first time I saw a big tub water inside a cave. Although it was inviting, I restrained myself to jump on it.

By the way, there is a 25 pesos entrance fee to Hinagdanan Cave. The entrance of the cave is about 1 meter wide in diameter and the way to it is slippery so one must take extra caution. The whole cave isn't that long. It only measures 100 metres but it is surrounded by rock formations and lime stones. The cave's interior is beautiful and has holes on the ceiling where sunlight infiltrates and somehow lighted the cave that added beauy to the cave. Hinagdanan Cave is a great side trip when you're in Panglao so make sure that you visit it.

[Where to Go] Alona Beach

Alona beach is also a nice beach to for you to relax. Alona beach has this long shore which is characterized by creamy white sand. The water here is pretty clear which is perfect for swimming! There are also a lot of hotels along the shore as well as restaurants just in case you decided to stay a couple of days in Panglao.

[What to Do] Island Hopping at Balicasag Island and Virgin Island

Panglao is an island which is famous for island hopping activity. The island hopping covers a visit to Alona Beach, Balicasag Island and the Virgin Island. Along side, some of the activities you can do during island hopping are: dolphin-watching, fish feeding, snorkeling and of course swimming. I published a separate blog post of my island hopping adventure at Panglao. Click the link to read my whole my adventure -- [click here].

[Where to Stay] Panglao Regents Park

I'm the kind of traveler who is not fond of stay-cation when I'm out and travelling. I would choose to spend my money on discovering islands and islets, trying out new stuff and activities or eat on a fancy restaurant rather than staying on a class hotels with soft beds, great service and lots of amenities. The reason why is because my trips are always jam-packed with activities and I only need a hotel just to get through the night for a sleep. So why would I spend a lot if all I need is a bed? But as for a change, I broke that perception and tried to check-in at Panglao Regents Park during our Bohol trip. And I never regret even a single penny I spent because it was worth the stay. Read my full story here -- [click here].

[Where to Stay] Henann Resort Alona Beach

I revisited Bohol for the second time to celebrate my girl's birthday. Since our initial plan is to have a staycation at Bohol, we decided to book an accommodation to the largest resort found at Panglao, Bohol. None other than the Henann Resort Alona Beach. To know more about my stay at Henann, just refer to this link -- [click here].

I have been to Panglao twice already and yet it never fails to amazed me. This place is a gem that our country should be proud of and take care of for future generations. Jetsetters will surely enjoy the province as it offers a lot of things, from foods, to fancy hotels and restaurants, to adventures. If given a chance to visit Bohol again for the third time, I would definitely and still include Panglao on my itinerary.


  1. Those places look great and wonderful. I want to visit the Hinagdanan cave. It has a stunning look.

  2. Damn I miss Bohol! I would try to go back soon! I never heard about that Hinagdanan Cave though. I'll definitely check that out. Please visit my blog when you have time. Thanks! :)

  3. Panglao is a beautiful island of Bohol. Spending a trip especially a summer travel is worth it.

  4. My friends were planning for a trip to Philippine in no time and we are going to BOHOL island to our visiting list. Thanks a lot.... :)

  5. Bohol is an awesome place to visit in Philippines. Especially this beautiful island.

    find a local guide

  6. This blog post has been very useful! Thanks!


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