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A Product Review: Huawei P9 as a Traveling Tool

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Being a travel junkie in this modern world, owning the latest gadgets and devices gives me advancement in terms of documenting my trips. Today’s modernization offers a lot when it comes to entertainment, capturing moments and sceneries, giving directions, and most specially connecting people. These features are really essentials to backpackers slash office guys (like me) since we are out there exploring different realms.

Mobile phone is considered to be the most important gadget one must have when wandering. With all the features that are coming out in the market, phones can ease the stress incorporated when traveling. That’s why I am blessed and lucky enough to be contacted by a PR representative to do a review on one of the newest releases of Huawei’s mobile phone --- the Huawei P9.

I received my Huawei P9 two weeks ago and from that day on, I got ecstatic to try out the different things this phone can make. Huawei has been there in the market for quite some time now and already proved its name on producing quality phones. But what I targeted to discover is how P9 can make a difference and how it can help me on my journeys.

Design (display and sound)

I didn’t check the Internet to see what this phone does look like because I want to surprise myself. So during my unboxing moment, I must say that this phone didn’t fail me to amaze. Huawei really step up their game with Huawei P9. The phone has a full aluminum body which projects rock-solid and sturdy feels in all the right ways. I can visualize it with me on a rough travel without the worry of breaking it.

Huawei P9

When it comes to display, it stands stunningly at 5.2” with 1080p Full HD display. Its screens stretched out until almost to its edge so you’ll experience mostly of that 5.2 inches while viewing stuff to this phone.  Plus, I find it not that big so you’ll have a good grip on it.

Bottom part of P9

Under the phone, you’ll notice the small grille where sound is projected. Despite being small, it was a surprise because of the quality audio that comes out of it. The quality I mentioned doesn’t mean it can be used for striking up a party.  But its perfect for some crisp and clear hands-free call incase you forgot your headset.


As a blogger, taking photos is a must! I used it on my blog (of course) as well as on posting to different SNS sites. So I am very anxious on the tools I used for shooting.  That’s why I am very thrilled to test the camera of Huawei P9.  Co-engineered with Leica, Huawei promises to “reinvent smartphone photography” with its ground breaking dual-lens.

Imagine this: Huawei and Leica combined to build stunning dual-lens camera in a smartphone. It only means one thing -- having more light and better clarity for a more amazing photos and videos.

Sharp quality photos with advanced shooting functions

With all honesty, I had a blast using the camera of Huawei P9. Its ad about reinventing smartphone photography really lives it up. Its two 12-megapixel sensors take solid and great shots as if it was not taken by a mobile phone. I also love how I can shoot manually to get the mood of my photo based on my desired. It’s like I am using my DSLR camera playing on exposures and shutter speed but on a lightweight and handy device in the form of Huawei P9. In addition, its low light performance is impressive and has accurate auto focusing system. You can even easily shoot on a subject with little light available.

Actual shots from Huawei P9. These are resized but unedited photos from the unit:

In terms of its front camera, Huawei P9 is packed with 8-megapixel lenses, which assures to capture fair and sharp shots. Sending selfies having a beautiful beach as a background and taking video calls will not be an afterthought on using this phone.  

For ladies, you’ll be happy on its “beauty-slider” that can smooth away those blemishes during bad-skin day.

System and Performance

I got the device installed with the latest Android OS, which is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. A Kirin 955 Octa-Core having 32 GB storage and 3GB of ram is running P9. Everything runs smoothly from downloading applications, to playing games, to streaming videos. I even installed it with latest craze app, Pokemon Go, and I had no issue on its GPS capabilities as well as connecting over the web. I must say that this is a blazingly fast phone. I was able to kill time watching clips and videos without experiencing clashing of apps during my trips.

My P9 with the latest mobile application

Note: storage is still expandable up to 128 GB. (but other says up to 256 GB) so rest assured that this phone can hold more files.  

When it comes to battery life, P9 is in stored with a 3,000-mAh-battery pack. Although it has a higher battery size compared to other phones, I discovered it to consume a lot of power whenever connected to LTE. In an intensive day of use, I found myself needing to charge my P9 by the afternoon. Especially whenever I am out and using Waze app for directions. For me it was not a big of a deal since I am a self-confess extremist when it comes to using my phone and Internet over the day and even at night. So I understand the need of charging devices after hours of use. Plus, I have my power banks with me all the time.

I also make use of the power saving battery mode whenever I want to squeeze the potential usage of my P9. The said feature switches the screen resolution to 720p and displaying a simpler layout which evidently saves the battery of Huawei P9.


What I also like to highlight about P9 is its fingerprint sensor. Security is important when traveling because you don’t want things to slip off your way during exploration.

Sensor is located at the back of the unit

P9 sensor is located at the back of the phone and it is unfailingly accurate and fast. It easily detects the registered prints and same goes with blocking those unrecognized prints. I love how easy to unlock my phone in an instant whenever I need to text someone or opening an application. I would say that its response time is much quicker compared to my IPhone 6 sensor. Moreover, I also use the sensor to activate functions such as taking a photos, answering calls and turning off an alarm, which is very convenient. It also recognizes swipes that can be used on browsing photos and web pages.

The Verdict

P9 is perfectly a great smartphone and nice of a deal. I strongly recommend it to travelers and non-travelers. I would say Huawei took a huge leap forward with this latest release. The design is so sleek and ridiculously thin and light but packed with great specs and capabilities.  It is incredibly fast and has the latest security innovation. I can say that Huawei P9 can be a seamless buddy when traveling.

Also, let’s not forget the amazing camera this phone is installed with. Huawei’s partnership with Leica is undeniably a huge factor of P9’s success in terms of its photography side. I enjoyed the bunch of shooting modes this phone has and how I can dig to manual settings to dictate the outcome of my photos. It is a very handy photography tool in a form of mobile device which is a great advantage when you’re traveling. Huawei shows that smartphone photography can be pushed extremely instead on taking small steps.

To wrap this up, if you’re a photo fanatic that is looking for a stable performing device then Huawei P9 deserves a serious consideration. It is now available on local malls and stores. Visit Huawei and experience P9 for yourself.


  1. Looks sleek and nice! Have you tried the camera during nighttime?

    1. Yes and it's quite decent. Having those exposure adjustments makes night shoots a bit easy. Plus it has light painting feature which is fun to do :)

  2. I'd love to have that too. So, ganda :)


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