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Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort of Mambajao, Camiguin

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Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort is one of the known site in Camiguin for both local and foreign tourists. I believe it is because of its calming effect it can give to an individual.  A visit to ardent is a great way to release stress after a day or week of work.  While backpackers and adventurers will surely love soaking in this hot spring after their long travel, island exploration and adventure in the Island of Camiguin.

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort is a natural hot spring heated by Mt Hibok Hibok, an active volcano in the country. It is located at the foot of Mt Hibok-Hibok, Mambajao, Camiguin and this natural hot spring can reach up to 40 °C in terms of water temperature.

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort offers...

40 °C may sound pretty intense to others but not all pools here have the same temperature. There are 6 pools in Ardent with different water temperature so I am sure you'll find a pool that will suit on your standards. All 6 pools are connected to one another however they are layered or in a form of a falls so one can still identify each of the 6 pools. I find the top most layer as the hottest and the lower layer the moderate one (I couldn't say it is cold).

Mini fall that connects one pool to another
[Relaxation + bonding time] Edward, Yap and Baron
Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort is operating 24 by 7 therefore people can visit the place anytime they want. How cool is that? Aside from that, Ardent is a smoke free vicinity so please refrain from lighting your cigarettes during your stay here. The only smoke I saw during my visit in Ardent were the smokes emitted by the water due to its water temperature. As I am talking with Ardent's vicinity, let me take this chance to commend the caretakers of this place. Aside from the fallen leaves that is just natural because the place is covered with tall trees and plants, I didn't noticed any trash or waste in the place. Kudos!

Lower pools of Ardent (Photo from Thea Isabel Velasco)
Upper pools of Ardent (Photo from Thea Isabel Velasco)
If you're looking for accommodation in Camiguin, Ardent also offers affordable rooms and cottages. Since we just stayed there for a couple of hours, we only availed a nipa hut for our shed. A regular size hut with table costs us 70 pesos which is good for 3 hours. But if you'll be in a larger group, they also have a family size hut for 150 pesos for the first 3 hours as well. 10 pesos per hour will be added for the excess of 3 hours. They also have grill station at 20 pesos.

I haven't checked their rooms personally but here are the ratings of their rooms:
Single Rooms w/ AC (good for 2 pax) - 1,200 pesos/day
Family Rooms w/ AC (good for 5 pax) - 2,750 pesos/day
Dormitory Type  Rooms w/ AC (good for 7 pax) - 3,080 pesos/day
** Additional bed for single, family and dorm rooms - 175 pesos/day

I believe these are some of the accommodations at Ardent
I really recommend visiting this place. Especially after a long drive, travel or adventure in the island of Camiguin. A nice way to relax those muscles and also your mind.

Breakdown of Expenses:
Entrance Fee - 30 PhP (adult rate)
Regular size hut - 170 PhP / 9 persons (our group number) = 19 PhP per pax


  1. A must-try spring resort. Thanks for sharing this.

    I will suggest this to my group if they are planning to visit Camiguin.

    1. Np po and thank you for referring to this blog :)

  2. I just adore the exotic places you chose to go to.

    1. Thank you! The group was so tired after our long day at Camiguin. So we look for a place to relax and charge up. Then we end up to this hot spring :)

  3. Yung friend ko nagdive dyan, thinking it was deep. Lol. Nice pics!

  4. Nice place! I can surely enjoy my vacation if I go there this summer vacation. Glad that you shared this one. Keep posting!

  5. Nice Resort!Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures and post.


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