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The Islands of Caramoan, Camarines Sur

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Caramoan is one of those municipalities in Camarines Sur who stands out not only in the Philippines but around the world. Aside from it is one of the famous site where Survivor TV show was held and still being hold, Caramoan exhibits one of a kind experience in terms of nature tripping. It is known for island hopping adventure as the province is characterized by crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and unique islands & islets.

How did I get there?
Coming from Manila, we took a bus going to Naga. One of the bus lines which offer ride going to Naga is the Philtranco in Pasay. Bus ride is about 9 hours which costs 750 PhP per head. As we alight at Naga bus terminal, we rent a van to take us at Sabang Port. We paid 100 PhP per head and it was an hour ride. Then from Sabang port, we secured a ticket going to Guijalo Port. The travel time from Sabang port to Guijalo is no more than 2 hours and costs 120 PhP per head. Guijalo is the entry point of our Caramoan adventure. By the way, we paid extra 30 pesos per pax which serves as an environmental fee.

I did enjoy the whole trip and forgot that part of me was a blogger. I just let myself enjoy the beach, the sun and my friends' company. As a result, I forgot to take photos of some of the islands/stop-overs we had in that 2-day trip. Shame! So please forgive me if this is all I've got for you folks:

Lahos Island

Lahos Island is the first destination in our list and it was a perfect welcome! The sand is so fine and the water is perfect for swimming as it has a shallow part for non swimmers and a deep part for those who want to explore the islands beauty. The island is characterized by two gigantic rocks on both ends. These rocks sheds the visitors for those who are not fond of sun bathing. They are also a good backdrop for photo ops and alike.

Feel the heat in Lahos!
Say cheese in the shed!
The perfect jumpshot!

Cagbalinad Island

The island is quite small and can only hold few visitors but it doesn't mean it lacks in terms of beauty. Cagbalinad Island has this huge rock wall behind it that has plants and trees that gives color to the island. The island has this rustic appeal that I adore and find it picturesque. We also had a quick photoshoot where I shot my friends on different parts of the island.

The boys of this Caramoan trip
... and the girls!

This nameless snorkeling site

Hahaha. Yeah, sorry about this. I just forgot where we snorkeled. Anyway, there are many snorkeling sites in Caramoan so just ask your boatmen :)

Ready with his go pro with dome!
I'm not joking when I said crystal clear water

Cotivas Island

Going to Cotivas Island felt like forever. I already fell asleep in the boat yet we hadn't got there yet. But all of our boredom-ness flips once we arrived at Cotivas Island and on its sand bar. The island has this wide and naked sand bar which can only be seen during low-tide. Everybody got excited to jump off the boat and explore this area. We took as many photos as we could while the water hasn't took over the island.

Who's excited?
Yap, Yam, Ius and Kel
I am not enjoying this place! Really. Haha
Surround yourself with awesome people. Noted!

As we felt the water is already rising up, we then proceed to Cotivas Island itself. This island is narrow so I recommend that you explore it. Cotivas has nipa huts which is ideal for setting up your lunch in which we did. There is a payment of P100 for renting a hut. Fresh buko juice are also being sold here which adds up to the tropical feel of this island.

Waiting for our lunch

Bugtong Island

Bugtong Island is best enjoyed when low-tide because just like Cotivas, Bugtong has a sandbar which can only be scene when the water level is still low. Unfortunately, since we've stayed too long at Cotivas, when we finally got to Bugtong Island the water is already knee high. But instead of grieving, me and my friends just enjoy the water, swim and explore the view in this part of Caramoan. We also saw a lot of starfish in different sizes and colors.

Floating nipa huts are available in this island
Perks of having a Go Pro
Presenting, my travel buddies!

Our Lady of Peace Grotto

As for our last and final stop, we went to visit the statue of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Mother of Peace Grotto. The 26 foot statue is located at the top of Caglago Mountain in Barangay Tabgon in Caramoan. In order to see it, one must trek a 524 steps (530 if landing is included) so you better stretch first. Aside from the image, the view on top will definitely ease your tiredness as you can see a panoramic site of Caramoan's islands and islets.

Starting point going to the grotto
Team EdPau!
Thank you for this wonderful trip!
Just wow!

Although we hadn't visited all the islands in Caramoan (due to time constraints and restrictions like shooting of Survivor), Caramoan is definitely a place to visit when one seeks for island hopping adventure and nature tripping. All the islands I mentioned above has this crystal clear water and most of them is characterized by white sand. I, myself admits that I fell inlove with this place. All the long travel we had really paid off. No wonder why TV show like Survivor keeps on shooting Caramoan. Aside from the serenity it possess, it has a distinct beauty which seems like untouched.


  1. Great adventure! Hope to experience it soon also with my friends. Love the weekend getaway in the Philippines.

  2. Ganda talaga ng Caramoan nag plano kami kaya lang hindi na tuloy kasi yong agency hindi na sumagot sa amin. Baka nga talga fully booked

    Mon Villarin,


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